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St Matthew's CofE Primary School

"Go, shine in the world and live as Jesus lived." (Matthew 5: 14-16)

'Work together, Aim High, Shine Bright'

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Year 6

Y6 Assembly - well done Year 6 - your assembly was great .. very entertaining Through the Keyhole!
I have added my 'Memories for Year 6' PowerPoint below for you to enjoy.

Each group has had to think of an idea for making money for charity.  School invested £25 for each group and we have thought of different ways to make money.  We are going to donate our money to our chosen charities. 

we were luxuria and we worked hard during enterprise week to raise money for the school and our chosen charity. we sold everything from cakes to Hand massages, to jewellery and more!
By thursday, everything had completely run out!
But we managed to get our together and bought more stock. It was hard, and there were many arguments along the way. It was tough... but we had lots of fun!
£60 will go to our chosen charity, which is called group b stret. our remaining £17.55 will go to school funds.
Enterprise week for us has flown by in a flash. We've had lots of fun planning, organising and running our stall, and overall we raised a whopping £166.61 to help both Cancer Research and school funds. From our popular, best-selling  rainbow looms to our delectable mocktails, our store sold a range of unique and personal products for our customers to enjoy. We hope that all the people who took the time to visit our stall enjoyed the experience as much as we did!

Throughout the week of selling  products we raised a huge amount as a class. Each group donated half of their money to their chosen chairty, ours was the RSPCA. During the week we were given "star awards" for our individual achivements. Ours was due to our outstanding presentation and team work skills. Some of the various products that we sold included: all in one, hat scarf and gloves, various cuddly toys, guess the name of the teddy, how many sweets in the jar and much, more! Overall our stall was a huge succsess making an phenomenal £167.33!!! 

The Four Chocolatiers
On our stall we sold: cup cakes, smoothies, toys, raffle tickets and guesses for the name of the teddy all for reasonable prices. Half of our money is going to Brainwave and the other half is going to the school funds. At the end of Enterprise week we managed to make an outstanding £193 with a £168 profit!

Bam Pop Fizz!
Throughout enterprise week we have all made, sold and profited from products we have chosen. Bam Pop Fizz made a wopping £120.68 !!!!! Consequently the money we raised went to Race For Life Cancer Reaserch to help people have a little bit more time. So we thank all the people who have bought our products and made our stall able to help our charity, we had great fun doing it and will be memorable forever thank you !! 

Magic Money Makers
By Fred, Tom, Joe and James.
The Magic Money Makers made a grand total of £64.32 through a range of items and activities that customers really enjoyed. However if you take the £25.00 float off, you are left with £39.32.
Our chosen charity is the R.S.P.C.A, we have chosen our charity due to the fact that there are so many animals stray and if you were in there boots how would you feel?
We have decided to donate £19.66 to school and the same amount to the R.S.P.C.A as it is the fairest way.

Gummy Money 
Gummy money worked well as a team and raised a wopping £138.93!
To achieve this amount we worked pain stakingly hard,This is what we sold:

Homemade lemonade wich sold out everyday,
smoothies wich went surprisingly well,
penalty shoot out with James Lord in net,
stack the cups with a best time of 0.80 seconds,
the puzzle that nobody could complete and cakes which were a great hit.

The money we raised will go to Macmillan (£44), John holt (£44) and the school (£22).We were so amazing we got a gold star aword for improving our sevices.   

Gummy Money members include:

James Lord
Adam Caton
Ashley Rudge
David Higgins
Ben English
Dominic Swift

Hello Year 6!!
 Here are a few of the things we have in store for you this half term...
  • You will contine your work on Ancient Greece
  • You will help Dave organise Sports' Day - and take part! (hopefully it won't rain this time!)
  • You will be working Emilie learning French
  • You will start working on our end of term production ...
  • You will prepare for 'Enterprise Week' - do you have any enterprising ideas how you might raise money? (Your ideas mustn't involve the selling of sweets!)
  • The new Reception class visits start and you will help look after your own Buddies' while we have our new visitors in school
  • .... and so, so, so much more!

WHAT AN AMAZING RESIDENTIAL - Year 6 are back from their Manor Adventure ... see the 'sub page' links below to see their great adventures  and click on this link to watch our very own 'Happy' Video'!
We are also getting ready for SATs, working hard in lessons and keeping ourselves refreshed on those skills in reading, writing and maths. Home learning will continue to be given out on Wednesdays, to be returned on Mondays. Children will be given a piece of English and Maths homework, in addition to their weekly spellings. 

We had great fun scripting, creating and performing our news reports about the recent extreme weather in our topic lessons. Some of us looked at the causes and effects of natural disasters, too. We were required to work effectively as a team and think creatively about the presentation of our report. We watched some news reports to give us an idea of how they were structured. There was some fabulous props brought in to help us with our productions! We took on the roles of newsreaders, reporters, weather forecasters, weather experts and eye witnesses. Check back soon for photos of the reports in production!

We worked with Mrs Hughes and Year 11 from Bridgewater High School - the students came to teach us dance.  Here is our report:-
"The fun started with a warm up to loosen our muscles, in addition we played 'Stuck in the Mud"; the boys won!  Eventually Year 11 students taught us a routine which involved random poses.  The lesson concluded with us making 'freeze frames' - where we made a pose to show what we do on Christmas Day and we held the position in a frame.  It was mad!  To finish we played a game of 'Splat'.  Thank you Year 11 we had a great dance lesson!"  

WE HAVE BEEN WRITING QUEST STORIES ... fancy a good read?  Try reading our quest story ... it is incredible!

Last week four Year 6 children went to find out what happens to the 'shoe boxes' that all the children and families brought into school.  They went to the warehouse where the boxes are packed.  See the photos below.

This half term seems to be whizzing by.... we wrote some amazing war poetry for our Remembrance Service.  We looked at some of the most famous poems from that time...by Wilfred Owen, Laurence Binyon, John MacRae and Rupert Brooke.  Have a look at them on our class page......suffice it to say they are ALL amazing.  In our gallery you will see us working away collaboratively on them.

Well our day of Science was SPECTACULAR look at our pictures....
Zöe won the competition that gave us the expertise of THE Science Museum in London!!!!!  Suzie and Laura were our guides through the wonders of BLOOD, FORCES and MATERIALS.  We even tested Mrs Fryman to make sure she was  human and not an alien!!!!!  There is a video below! (Year 6 wanted to test Mrs Stone too.....they have their suspicions!)

Can Laura do it?

Still image for this video

French Rap

Still image for this video