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St Matthew's CofE Primary School

"Go, shine in the world and live as Jesus lived." (Matthew 5: 14-16)

'Work together, Aim High, Shine Bright'

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School Council

School Council                      


The School Council have been busy preparing sponsor forms for all pupils which will be sent home today.  All the children are looking forward to participating in their chosen sponsored event, which will be taking place over the course of next week.  Please keep an eye open on Twitter to check out the sponsored activities for each class.


On Friday 13th November, Children in Need Day, we are having a non-uniform day at school.  All children are allowed to come to school in spotty clothing.  Please do not go out to buy anything, draw spots on clothing or stick coloured spots on a t-shirt……anything goes!  We would appreciate it if you made a £1 donation using the following link.


Please give generously to this fantastic charity, who support so many children and charities throughout the UK. 


To donate your sponsor money and £1 fee, please use the following link:




Mrs Griffiths & Mrs Pawson 

Autumn Term 2020


The School Council have made a great start to the year.  They have shown great enthusiasm and a positive attitude.   

After much debate, we have decided that our first project will be a fundraising event for ‘Children in Need’.  We are currently discussing ways in which we can raise money for this worthy cause and still be Covid safe.  The children are going to share their own ideas with their peers in class and also ask them for their contribution.  Next week each year group will feed back to the rest of the School Council and we will start our Action Plan.


Mrs Griffiths & Mrs Pawson

Spring 2020


We are planning lots of cake sales to raise money for the 'Make a Wish' charity. Look at the posters and newsletters for more information.

Today the School Council met to discuss what they wanted to work on during the summer term. We decided we wanted new playground equipment and discussed ways to raise money to fund this.  We also spoke about how this links in with 'The Playground Charter'. We then spoke to Mrs Fryman who kindly agreed to purchase some equipment to make the playground a nicer place for everyone to use.

January 2019

December 2018


We've been busy again making Christmas cards for our school community. 

October 2018


We've had some great meetings so far. We have discussed asking for an extra playtime for the juniors on a Friday afternoon as a reward for super effort all week in class. We will also be creating Christmas cards for the school community and planning some fundraising activities.

September 2018


We are so excited to meet our new school councillors. We have already had our first meeting and we've got lots of great ideas for this year and our school. Keep checking our page and display board to find out more.

Getting ready for another cake sale.

Making Christmas cards

23rd November


The school council, with the help of Y6 did a fantastic job of running our first cake sale of this academic year. We raised over £60 for Broomfields Youth Project Charity. Thank you to everyone who came to buy cakes and support us.  

Making Thank You cards for previous school councillors

6th November 2017


We are excited to be launching our new cloakroom monitor reward scheme. More details to follow in the next School Council assembly. 


Later in November, we will be hosting another CAKE SALE to raise money for Broomfields Youth Project. Please support this great cause by buying some cakes. no

9th September 2017


We are very excited about the year ahead! Your school councillors are busy planning and preparing. Please let us know if you have any ideas.  




We will meet every Thursday at 12.00pm in the computer suite.

School Councillors- you will have lunch after the meeting.




If you have any suggestions for the School Council please speak to one of the School Councillors or write a note in the suggestion box. 


Mrs Pawson and Mrs Griffiths

School Council awards will be announced next week...... don't forget to vote!!!

First cake sale for Broomfields Youth Project 13.7.17

Charity Form

Healthy Eating 

This term we are finding out how to keep ourselves healthy.

Mrs Neill came to work with the School Council - we talked about foods that were healthy and foods that we not as good for us.

Finding out more about healthy food with Mrs Neill

Autumn Term recap


We made Christmas cards for all members of the school community.


We have been busy thinking about how we can improve our school.


We talked to the whole school about our charity form.



13th June


Well done to all of the children who won a School Council Award. Keep up the great work. We are so proud of our super school councillors- thank you for doing such a great job.



3rd May


School Council Award winners will be announced on Friday 6th May during our Celebration assembly.  

School Council Awards information

25th April


School Council will be looking at the nominations this week and we will decide who will be awarded with a SCHOOL COUNCIL AWARD. 

22nd January




We would like you to nominate children in your class or another class that you think deserve a SCHOOL COUNCIL AWARD. 


School Council Awards are similar to our Good Citizens reward. Good Citizens are chosen by teachers but School Council Awards will be chosen by your School Councillors. The School Councillors will go through all of the nominations and decide who should receive the award. Please speak to your School Councillors or Mrs Pawson for more information. 






8th December


We've been busy designing Christmas cards using Purple Mash. 

This week we are going to be writing and sending our cards.


Have a go at designing your own Christmas cards using Purple Mash-  2 paint.

We would like a 'Quiet Area' on our school playground

We would like to make a 'Quiet Area' on our school playground...

We had a meeting last year to talk about some of our ideas...


We met in the area that is being considered for use as a quiet area. These are the ideas we came up with, but they are only a starting point.


The area


The area is the grassed area between the school and playing field on the west side of the school.  It will finish at the corner of the wall, to enable staff to have a clear view, and take in the small grassed area alongside the hedge, leading to the main playground.


Who would use it?


It could be used for a variety of reasons:


  • For a quiet chat

  • To daydream

  • If someone feels sad or angry and wants to be on their own for a while

  • To play quiet games

  • To be creative

  • To appreciate nature

  • To pray

  • For YR and Y6 buddies to spend time together

  • For charity fundraising events

  • To get away from the main playground


    Physical changes


    The following changes were suggested:


  • Changing the surface so it is not muddy (astro turf or rubberised)

  • Removing the hedge as it leaves the area in shade, and makes it narrower.  It could be replaced with a lower fence or trellis.


  • Something is needed to separate it from the main playground, but the area needs to be fully visible from the main playground for safeguarding reasons.

  • Seating would be needed.  This could be benches, a covered area or outside classroom, cushions or bean bags, picnic bench style etc

  • The outside classroom could go at the point furthest away from the playground.  Any seating that is not on the edge should be light enough to move, so that empty space is available when needed.

  • Storage would be required.

  • The wall could have a mural or a graffiti area.

  • There could be planting of a sensory area.


    Other equipment / suggestions


  • Bird feeders and binoculars

  • Colouring / art equipment. We thought that we should avoid anything that may be blown around by the wind, create a lot of scraps of paper or rubbish or require supervision (such as scissors and glue).

  • Decorating the area

  • Quiet games such as chess and some board games

  • Some way of providing appropriate music or sounds

  • Rubbish/ recycling bin

  • It does not have to be called the "Quiet Area"


    What next?

  • The school council members will discuss ideas with their classes.  We want to know what other ideas people have.

  • We may need to think about rules or a code of conduct for using the area.

  • Linda Buckley will arrange to look at other schools with quiet areas and visit with some school council members.

  • We will need to think about how to raise money

  • We may be able to do some things ourselves

  • There may be local people who have the skills to help e.g. designing and producing a mural


    Any other ideas or suggestions will be really welcome.


A big thank you to the school council who raised £105.47 from the cake sale.

Thank you also to Class R parents who provided lots of the cakes.

Well done to you all!

Cake Sale preparations

Our Cake Sale

Cake Sale Friday 23rd October in Class 3 after school. Come and buy some cakes and help us to support Operation Christmas Child.


Operation Christmas Child




We collected 142 Shoe Boxes for the Samaritan's Purse Appeal - Thank you everyone!



We will meet every Thursday at 12.30pm in the Computer Suite.

School councillors- please make sure you go for lunch straight away.




If you have any suggestions for the School Council please speak to one of the school councillors or write a note in the suggestion box. 


Mrs Pawson and Mrs Griffiths