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Year 3

Monday 12th June 2023


Happy final term, Year 3!


I hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine over the past two weeks and are now relaxed and ready for the final term of Year 3, before you all become Year 4s! Where has the time gone?!

We have lots of fun and interesting learning coming up for the final term, including sports day and a couple of transition afternoons with your new teacher in your new classroom - very exciting! smiley


Summer 2 Learning: 

English: Persuasive Leaflet writing based on the novel 'Zeraffa Giraffe' by Diane Hofmeyr

Maths:  Money, Time, Statistics

Science: Health of Humans & Animals - What would happen if we had no skeleton?

Geography: Empire - What led to the downfall of the Ancient Egyptians?

RE: Rules for Living - Which rules should we follow?

Computing: Programming - Events & actions

PSHE: Health & Wellbeing, Transitioning to a new class

Art: Craft & Design - Ancient Egyptian scrolls

PE: Athletics

Music: Recorder tuition & Charanga Music - Reflect, rewind & replay


Our School Week:

Monday: PE kits needed. Homework from previous week due in.

Tuesday: Recorders needed. New homework sent home.

Friday: Spelling test. New spellings sent home.



If you have any questions, please let me know!


Miss Palmer smiley

Tuesday 11th April 2023


Welcome back, Year 3!


I hope you have all had a lovely Easter with your friends and family and are ready for a fun-filled final school term! I can't wait to hear all about what you have been up to smiley


Summer 1 Learning: 

English: Adventure Story writing based on the novel 'Journey' by Aaron Becker

Maths:  Fractions, Money, Time

Science: Light and Astronomy - Can we shine bright?

Geography: Biomes - Are people mad to climb mountains?

RE: Rules for Living - Which rules should we follow?

Computing: Programming - Sequence in music

PSHE: Health and Wellbeing 

Art: 3D Sculptures - Abstract shape and space

DT: Shell structures

PE: Gymnastics

Music: Recorder tuition & Charanga Music - Bringing Us Together


Our School Week:

PE will continue to be on a Monday and recorders lessons every Tuesday. Homework will be sent home each Tuesday, to be returned the following Monday. Spellings will go home on a Friday as normal.



If you have any questions, please let me know!


Miss Palmer smiley


Wednesday 5th January 2023


Happy New Year, Class 3!


I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas break with your families and I look forward to hearing your Christmas news. A huge thank you all again to all the children, ,parents and carers for the very generous Christmas gifts that myself and the other staff who work in Year 3 received.


There are lots of interesting topics to cover in the upcoming spring term and I have added all of the knowledge organisersr for you to have a look at! :)


PE lessons for the first half of spring term will be led by Warrington Wolves and will take place on a Monday each week.


Homework will continue to be given out on a Tuesday and due in the following Monday.


As always, if there are any questions, please let me know.



Miss Palmer.



Monday 31st October


Welcome Back, Year 3!


I hope you have all enjoyed a restful holiday and are ready for another exciting half term. All knowledge organisers for the 2nd Autumn half term are in the folder above, as well as our Y3 Curriculum Map.

This half term we will be taking part in three skiing sessions at Chill Factore, which I know you are all very excited for! We will also be rehearsing for our class assembly this half term, and I know you'll all enjoy performing and sharing your learning with your grown ups! 


A few reminders for this half term:

  • Recorder tuition will continue to be on Tuesday afternoons - on the Tuesdays we are at skiing, our recorder session will be later on in the afternoon to allow for both activities.
  • PE will continue to be on Wednesdays, apart from on the weeks we having skiing sessions on Tuesday, as these sessions will replace PE for those weeks.
  • Reading should be recorded daily in your reading records - there is a link at the top of this page with suggested/recommended age-appropiate reading books. 
  • Homework will continue to be sent home on Tuesdays and will be due in the following Monday.


I am excited to hear about all of the fun things you have done over half term! :)


Miss Palmer

Monday 5th September 2022


Welcome to Year 3!


Hello Year 3,


Welcome to the juniors! I am excited to teach you this school year and know that you will enjoy all of the fun and interesting topics that we will be learning about!


Here are a few notices and reminders: 

  • PE - PE will be on a Wednesday afternoon this half term and will be a cricket lesson delivered by a specialist teacher. You will come into school wearing your PE kits on your PE day.
  • Homework - You will receive x1 maths and x1 English homework on a Tuesday and this will be due the following Monday. You can hand your homework in at any time during the week once it is completed - there is a basket in the classroom for completed homework.
  • Spellings - Each Monday, we will have a spelling lesson to introduce the spelling rule for that week. We will have a spelling quiz each Friday morning and then new spellings will be sent home each Friday too.
  • Times Tables - We will practice our times tables daily in school. By the end of Year 3, you should be able to recall the 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x tables in any order, as well as the related division facts.  
  • Reading - Please record your daily reading in your home-school diary. These will be checked each Friday morning and table points will be given accordingly.


I have attached our curriculum map below which will outlines our learning over the next year. I am excited to get to know you all and hear about your summer! 


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask :)


Miss Palmer