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St Matthew's CofE Primary School

"Go, shine in the world and live as Jesus lived." (Matthew 5: 14-16)

'Work together, Aim High, Shine Bright'

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English contributes to children's SMSC development through...


We promote spiritual, moral, social and social development by...                                                                                                          




Developing confidence and expertise in language, which is an important aspect of individual and social identity.

Enabling pupils to understand and engage with the feelings and values embodied in high quality poetry, fiction and drama.

Developing pupils’ awareness of moral and social issues in fiction, journalism, magazines, radio, television and film.

Helping pupils to understand how language changes over time, the influences on spoken, and written language and social development.

Themed weeks with a focus on books raising moral questions linked with diversity and inclusion.

Texts providing children with different contexts of real life issues.

Children given the opportunities to be independent and responsible for their own learning.

Debates held in English lessons across certain topics to develop children’s respect and thoughtfulness whilst sharing points of view.

Wide range of texts and novels with links to different cultures so to encourage children to respect others.

Pupils learn how to use language in an imaginative way, drawing on reading knowledge and considering how words have changed over time.

Pupils develop awareness that right and wrong in situations raised within texts and novels.

Participation, creativity, reflection and independence encouraged in English lessons.

Discussion work, in pairs or larger groups is incorporated into lessons and helps and encourages pupils development.