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Curriculum Intent at Stretton St Matthew's C of E Primary School


Christian values are at the heart of our teaching and learning and we encourage all of our children to put these values into practice in every aspect of school life. We offer a three-dimensional curriculum which is designed to ensure Stretton St Matthew’s is a beacon of excellence within the community and is a school of opportunity for our children.  We are uncompromising in our ambition to develop the whole child whilst ensuring we utilise research and new initiatives locally, nationally and globally.  We aim to ensure that our children know and understand their role as global citizens and we encourage the children to be courageous advocates from within the broad and balanced curriculum that is delivered. We want every child to have opportunities for deep thinking, reflection and personal spiritual growth through collective worship, RE teaching and many awe and wonder opportunities throughout the wider curriculum. We are committed to developing the whole child to their highest level academically, personally and spiritually, underpinned by our strong Christian values.  


Three-Dimensional Curriculum


  • Knowledge 

We create a culture that enables both pupils and staff to excel. We have high expectations for the conduct of pupils and staff, our relationships are exemplary. We strive to focus consistently on improving outcomes particularly for greater depth standard. We utilise the use of knowledge organisers and retrieval practice to ensure children learn and remember key information and this enables them to link concepts from one area to another.  Our curriculum stimulates and ignites passion amongst the children and they tackle their learning with enthusiasm and excitement.  


  • Subject-Specific Skills 

Our progressive subject specific skills are gained from acquiring the knowledge from each subject. It is crucial that these are mastered as these skills underpin the knowledge acquisition and enable the children to succeed to a high standard.  


  • Vocabulary  

Our whole school vocabulary progression ensures that vocabulary is specifically taught at key points. Vocabulary is taught in two ways: through explicit teaching associated with each subject area and through our literature offer which immerses children in high-quality texts and novels from an early age.   Research teaches us that there is a strong correlation between children’s vocabulary and their access to curriculum.  We have concept mapped the vocabulary across subjects to ensure key vocabulary is taught, remembered, repeated and applied throughout the child’s journey with us.  


Our curriculum is intended to develop children to be happy, confident, articulate learners who achieve great successes during their time with us and go on to achieve even further in their future.  We are committed to opening doors to the future of our children. We ensure that every child receives experiences and opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in different ways, preparing them for the responsibilities and experiences of later life.