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St Matthew's CofE Primary School

"Go, shine in the world and live as Jesus lived." (Matthew 5: 14-16)

'Work together, Aim High, Shine Bright'

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Religious Education

Religious Education contributes to the children's SMSC development through...


We promote spiritual development by...

We promote moral development by...

We promote social development by...

We promote cultural development by...

Religious Education 



















Learning about different spiritual beliefs around the world.


Learning about spiritual practices around the world.


Feeling confident to share our own spiritual beliefs.


Explore a range of religions and explore ways that people worship, celebrate events and show that they are part of a community.




Opportunities to reflect upon own self beliefs and beliefs of others.


Discussions of what is right and wrong to different people.


Reflection time, use of a stimulus to provoke thoughts on morality e.g. a book, poetry, artwork.


Discuss the morality of different stories and why they are an important part of different religions and cultures.


Discussion with others about worldviews.


Sharing religious values, beliefs and practices.


Learning from people in the local area.


Children can learn about the world around them.






Learning of different cultural beliefs, religions and practises.


Learning about practices and ways of life across the world.


Trying food from different cultures.


Visiting different places of worship