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St Matthew's CofE Primary School

"Go, shine in the world and live as Jesus lived." (Matthew 5: 14-16)

'Work together, Aim High, Shine Bright'

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St Matthew's SEND - Intent


At St Matthew’s, we believe that all children are entitled to receive a high-quality of education regardless of their needs or disabilities. We believe that it is vital that our children are equipped with the tools needed to become independent learners, both inside and outside of the classroom. All children and young people should have access to an education that enables them to achieve the best possible outcomes, and become confident, able to communicate their own views and ready to make a successful transition into secondary school and then into adulthood. Through our first-quality teaching, planning and provision we:

  • Ensure that needs are identified as early as possible and support is put into place,
  • Ensure that children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which is appropriately differentiated to enable children to succeed,
  • Set high expectations for every pupil and ensure constant inclusion of all pupils,
  • Provide an accessible learning environment which is tailored to the needs of all pupils to promote independence and success,
  • Regularly monitor the progress of children with SEND and oversee the effective record keeping of all children on the SEND register,
  • Provide professional guidance and support for parents and carers to ensure high quality support for all SEND children both in school and at home,
  • Work closely with parents and carers and provide termly updates in the form of Personalised Learning Plans,
  • Work closely with external agencies and other professionals to ensure that there is a collaborative approach to support children with SEND,
  • Monitor the quality of teaching and learning and work with colleagues and pupils to set targets for improvement,
  • Support and develop the professional development of teachers and teaching assistants to ensure high-quality teaching, strategies and resources are used effectively to support SEND children effectively.