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WB 8.6.20

Friday 12th June

Happy Friday everybody,

Well another week over for us all and lots to look forward to I hope, for the weekend.

Thank you for all your hard work this week, as always. 

Take care,

Mrs Smith X


Daily Smile form Oliver L

What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back?

A stick!




The Settlers Chapter 7 and multiple choice questions.

This is the final chapter of the book.


Writing task to be completed by Friday 19th June.

Make a leaflet to advertise a place where you have visited. (Before lockdown!)

It could be a library, swimming pool, fairground, holiday resort, zoo. I have provided some ideas, take a look.



‘Place Value and Hundredths.’

Read through all slides and complete worksheets 1-4 and then 5 if you want a challenge, into your books.

Remind yourselves, where hundredths sit on a place value chart.



Active Learn book or your own book x15mins



Times tables worksheets from pack x15 minutes

Thursday 10.6.20

Good morning Year 4, welcome to Thursday.

Well here we are racing towards the end of the week. I have been looking at your super recounts and your scores on Purple Mash, wow they are terrific. Some of you got 100% for both tasks and most of you got very near! I hope you are keeping track of how many rewards you are receiving for all your hard work.

Here is today's work, have a lovely day and try to squeeze in some fun!

Mrs Smith X


Daily Smile

What does a cloud wear under his raincoat?





2Do Purple Mash

Sp1 WK6 Day 2 Assessment




The Settlers

Chapter 6 and multiple choice questions.


Maths task

‘Place Value and Tenths.’

Read through all slides and complete worksheets 1-4 and then 5 if you want a challenge, into your books. Remind yourselves, where tenths sit on a place value chart, (after the decimal point.)




Active Learn Reading and answering questions x15 minutes, or read your own book.


TT Rockstars  x15 minutes practise



Wonderful Wednesday 10.6.20


Good morning everybody,

I hope that you are all well and happy to be back doing schoolwork! This term will go very quickly so please try your best to complete all the work. Some might be a little tricky as you may not have done it in a while. I have tried to include a ppt where I think it may help so please make sure you always take a look first before starting the work.

Thank you for all the recounts that you have been sending in, I have enjoyed reading them. It was great to hear that you had fun over the holidays.

Mrs Fryman has asked me to remind you that your end of year report sheet needs to be completed and sent into school. Remember, super neat writing and terrific punctuation and spelling please.

Take care,

Mrs Smith X


Daily Smile form Charlie, thank you.

Why didn't the crab give to charity?

Because he was shellfish!



SP1 WK 6 Day 1 Assessment.

Make sure you change the settings on the first screen so that you get a longer look at the word. I would go for at least 10 seconds. 



The Settlers

Chapter 5 and multiple choice questions. Let’s see if everybody can get 100%



‘Tenths and Hundredths.’

Remind yourselves about tenths and hundredths, we will continue to look at this topic for the next few weeks so please make sure you understand what they are. Remember, hundredths are smaller than tenths. Think about two whole cakes, both the same size, one divided into 10 pieces, the other divided into a 100 pieces. Which cake portion would be the smallest. Which would you choose the tenth or the hundredth?

Please try to read through all slides and complete worksheets 1-4 and then 5 in you would like a challenge. Write the answers into your books.



ESafety crossword. Try to complete it without looking at the answers please.



Active Learn book or your own book x15 minutes


TT Rockstars  x10 minutes practise

Tuesday 9th June

Good morning everybody, Happy Tuesday!

I hope that you are all enjoying being back at virtual school? I have spent the day at real school, it felt very strange not having your smiling faces. 

Have a great day,

Hope to see you soon,

Mrs Smith X


Daily Smile

What do you call a boomerang that won’t come back?
A stick.


Writing Task

Complete your  recount.



Choose two or three activities from the Summer Maths Activity booklet.

Write them into your books if you are unable to print the sheets.



Choose two activities from the Summer English activity booklet please. Write them into your books.


Active Learn for 20 minutes please


TT Rockstars for 15 minutes.

Monday 8th June 2020


Good morning Year 4,


A big welcome back, it has been so quiet without you!

I hope that you have had a super two week break from school work and that you managed to do lots of fun activities, especially as the weather has been sunny and hot.

I have been planning work for the rest of the term which will go very quickly, especially as I will be based in school from today. I will be in our classroom working with a group of children, not you unfortunately. It will seem very strange but I promise to try to get everything ready for your return. 

Please keep working hard and getting yourselves ready for year 5 and remember that I am very proud of you all. This has been an incredibly hard and strange time and you have all been wonderful. 

Keep up the super work, keep reading and practicing on Rockstars.

Take care and hope to see you soon,

Mrs Smith X


Daily Smile

What did the whale eat for dinner? 

Fish and ships! 


Writing task for Monday and Tuesday


Plan and then write a recount about what you did over the two week holiday. Take a look at the ppt and the checklist to remind you how a recount should be set out. Remember to write it in the order it happened, chronologically, and in the past tense. You also need to use, the first or third person, for example, I, we or they. Write the recount neatly into your books. Maybe you could provide a painting or drawing to go with it.



Complete the maths challenge mat. Select the challenge of your choice. Please don't peek at the answers!



Active Learn

Read an online book or one of your own books. X15 minutes.


TT Rockstars  x10 minutes practise