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WB 4.5.20

Hi Year 4, here is some extra Maths and English for those of you who would like more challenges. I will post the answer sheets at the end of next week. Take care and have a lovely day on Friday. X


Hi Year 4,

Here we are already at terrific Thursday. I hope you all managed to get out into the sunshine yesterday and enjoy the world around you. I have noticed so many more creatures around because of the quiet and calm environment which has been created due to The Lockdown. The canal has lots more ducks and the trees seem to be alive with the lovely sounds of the birds. If you haven't had a chance yet, go and investigate today or tomorrow before the snow comes at the weekend! (Colder weather anyway!)

Thank you all for your fantastic efforts with the work that I have set. I am monitoring your scores and I am impressed with your hard work. Please don't get upset if a task goes wrong. Some things are bound to go wrong sometimes and so if you would like to have another go, add a note in the comment box on Purple Mash and I will sort it for you. If you want to ask a question about the work, again use the comment box.

I appreciate how different it must be learning at home, so no worries, only smiles. Talking of which... thank you for the jokes which you are sharing. You definitely find better jokes than I do! I will start to share them on the Daily Smile.

Take care, hope to see you soon,

Mrs Smith x


Daily Smile, thank you Olivia. A great start to our shared jokes.

Why can't dogs drive?

Because they can't find a barking place!



Purple Mash 2Do Comprehension. 'The Settlers,' chapter 2. Please read chapter 2 and answer the multiple choice questions. Remember to read the text at least twice.



Have a look at the 'Equivalent Fractions ,' powerpoint from slide 21. Complete slide 22 then read to slide 36.  Try to do the fractions on slide 22 before looking at the answers. Copy/print your work into your books.



Active Learn or your own book x 15minutes



15 minutes practise



Well it's Wonderful Wednesday. (Give yourself a pat on the back if you spotted the alliteration!)

Half way through the week everybody, not long and the weekend will be here. We are still very fortunate to have some sunshine, so I hope you are managing to get outside and have some fun.

I was looking at your scores for apostrophes and I can see that some of you had another go! Well done, great idea, it was another quick game! Today's activities give you more time, I promise!

I hope you are enjoying the jokes? If you any better jokes, (I'm sure you do!) send me them via a message/comment on Purple Mash please.

Have a lovely day,

Take care,

Mrs Smith x


Daily Smile

What kind of tree fits into your hand?

A palm tree!



Complete the Purple Mash 2Do, 'Fact Families,' activity. A mental challenge. Check which sums are correct. Try to do the sums in your head. How quickly can you complete the activity?



Complete the Purple Mash 2Do Apostrophes Quiz. It is much slower so hopefully you will all be ok.smiley



Purple Mash 2Do, 'Internet Reserach.'



20 minutes on Active Learn or reading your own book. Please make sure you visit Active Learn at least once a week. 

I have checked your book numbers so you should have enough books. Don't forget you can have a look on the Collins Books website too.



10 minutes please against the clock.


Thank you.

Tuesday 5.5.20

Good Morning Year 4,

Thank you for your work yesterday, I can see from the scores of the Purple Mash Adverbial activity that you found it too quick, just like me! Please don't worry if you didn't get a high score, everybody struggled to finish in time. I know that you are working hard and trying your best.

Today's activities should be a little easier, I hope.

Big smile to your all.

Mrs Smith X


Daily smile

How do you make a lemon drop?

Just let it fall!



Investigate the use of symbols in Aboriginal art. Produce a picture inspired by the symbols by 12th May. Take a look at the powerpoint to help you get started. Read through slides 1-9. 



Purple Mash 2Do. Complete the apostrophe challenge, 'Jane's monster.' Take a look at the videos first to remind you of the rules. Singular possessive nouns are easy. If a person, place or thing owns something all you have to do is add an 's. ... Plural possessive nouns show ownership when there is more than one of a noun. To show ownership where there is more than one noun, (dogs, cats, balls) you can simply add an s' to the end of a word. Take care that the apostrophe is not needed for a contraction such as, it is, it's. Have a go and try your best. If you prefer do the bbc online quiz rather than the purple mash.



Complete the times table sheets and put into your work books. Please spend 10 minutes.


TTRockstars 10 minutes practice


Active Learn or your own reading book 20 minutes.

4.5.20 Monday


Happy Monday everybody!

Well here we are again at the start of another week. I hope that you all had a lovely weekend and were able to have some fun. The good news is that my homemade bread turned out to be a success! Did you try anything new at the weekend?

I have read some of your letters over the weekend and I am so pleased with them. Apart from being written correctly, it was great to hear a little bit about what you have been up to. For those of you who haven't done them, please use a made up address rather than your own, sorry I should have said that before. If you have used your own, I will cut it off before it goes onto the website so please don't worry.

We have lots to do this week, lots to look forward to. I am excited to see all the wonderful work that I know you will produce. I have tried my best to find work which is familiar but also might need you to think a little bit. Good luck.

Please keep working hard, you should be very proud or yourselves. When life is back to normal, you will be able to look back and see all your achievements despite it being a very strange time. I am very proud of you all, each day you amaze me with your commitment to your lessons.

Take care Year 4,


Mrs Smith x



Purple Mash 2Do. Complete the spelling quiz SP1WK3


Grammar task.

2Do Purple Mash. 'A Day Out.' Check your understanding of fronted adverbials. Watch the video and look at my helpsheet first. The quiz is a bit quick, I struggled to rearrange the words quickly enough, see if you can work faster than me! The task is to look for the fronted adverbial and write sentences with and without them. Don't forget, an adverbial phrase is a group of words that tell you, how, when, (time), where or how often something happens. If the adverbial phrase is at the front, it is called a fronted adverbial and is followed by a comma.

Rewrite the sentences into your books.


Maths Task

Have a look at the powerpoint, 'Equivalent fractions.' We were working on this just before we finished. Read it through and see if you can complete the tasks as you go. Complete up to slide 20. Complete the fraction wall on slide 13 if you can print it off. If you can't, then please read through the chart carefully and check that you understand what the chart is showing you. Perhaps you could draw a small part of it, such as the, 'fractions equivalent to half,' in your books. Remember equivalent fractions are fractions with different numerators and denominators but they represent the same value. e.g. one half is the same as two quarters.



Active Learn. Read online or one of your own books.



10 minutes practice please.


Smile for the day.

What is a witch's favourite subject in school?

Spelling! (Obviously!)