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WB 4.5.20

                                             Thursday May 7th

Good morning Class 3. It's Thursday already and nearly the Bank Holiday Weekend!

Thank you for all your hard work again this week, Mrs Ames, Mrs Hopley and I are so impressed with you all. It's also lovely to see all the baking, art work and gardening you are all doing. 

Well it's the 75th anniversary of VE Day tomorrow and the bunting is out at school. Have you put any bunting or flags out? Maybe you've seen houses decorated in your street. Are you having a celebration with your family? 

Theodore sent in his wonderful piece of art work called 'Poppies for VE Day' yesterday. I thought it would be fitting to add it to our class page. Thank you Theodore. 


Here are today's activities Class 3.



Here are some money problems for you to solve. Please write the answers in your book. You don't need to print this work.


I've added a grammar game for you to play on Purple Mash called Little Red Tenses. It's on your 2do list.



Please read one of your Active Learn book or one of your choice from home.



Please keep practising your times tables. We can see that some of you are logging on every day, well done.yes


Enjoy your long weekend Class 3 and a well deserved rest. Keep safe and have fun with your families. wink  Mrs Williams, Mrs Ames and Mrs Hopley x


                                     Wednesday May 6th.

Good morning Class 3 and happy Wednesday! We hope you enjoyed the Stonehenge work we set for you yesterday and that you are enjoying the money challenges. Thank you for the work you are sending into school, we love seeing how you are getting on. Remember to enjoy the sunshine once you've finished your school work. smiley


Here are today's activities.


We have set you some maths games to play on Purple Mash today, they are on your 2do list.

Multiplication Quiz, Multi Drag Shopping Game and Change. 



Change the tense. Change these sentences into the past tense. You don't need to print this work.

Please write the sentences in your book. 


E-safety. We would like you to create a leaflet about internet safety this week. This activity is on your 2do list on Purple Mash



Please read for at least 15 minutes a day. Once you have read an Active Learn book you might want to read one of your own books from home. Remember to keep a record of the books you are reading in your school diaries.



Please keep practising your times tables. smiley


Tuesday May 5th

Good morning Class 3. We hope you all enjoyed the money work we set for you yesterday! Did you manage to find plenty of coins to help you with the challenges?

We see that lots of you enjoyed the spelling activity on Purple Mash- great work Class 3!

Here are today's activities.



I have set you some HISTORY work to do on Purple Mash today.

If you look on your 2do list you will find a presentation to watch and a postcard to write about STONEHENGE.

I know that you know lots of information about Stonehenge - think about all the wonderful models you made last term.  Eilidh and her dad even visited Stonehenge together!

 Use the information you can remember from your Home Learning, our history lessons and the information from the presentation to help you with this activity. Have fun!

It's on your 2do list.



I hope you enjoyed yesterday's money activities.

Here are some more money challenges. Choose 2 out of the 3 activities below - choose the ones that are going to challenge you. You don't need to print these sheets, just write the answers in your book. 


Past and present tense activity.

Look at the words in the activity below and decide whether they belong in the PAST or PRESENT list. When you have done this, choose 10 of the words and write them in a sentence in your book. Remember neat handwriting and check your spellings!


Please read for at least 15 minutes every day Class 3.



Please continue to go over your times tables every day.


Thank you for all the wonderful work and photos you are sending into school for us to see Class 3. We are very proud of you.smiley yes

Monday 4th May 2020


Good morning Class 3 laugh

We hope you have had a lovely weekend with your families at home.

Can you believe it's the first full week of May?

Hopefully that means the sunshine will continue and we can enjoy lots of fresh air in our gardens yes

Here is an emoji code breaker to get us started today:


We are continuing to look at some of the common homophones that we use in every day life! I'm sure you all know what a homophone is by now smiley so take a look at the Power Point below (view in presentation mode) to find out more about your words for this week. Then complete the 2do activity on Purple Mash. Enjoy!


We are going to be doing some work about MONEY this week. 

Mrs Ames covered some money work with you earlier this year. Let's revise and continue this work.

You can use any real coins you have at home or print off the photocopiable coins I've added below. Please answer the questions in your book. (Please view the Power Point in presentation mode)



Past and present tense.

I've prepared a Power Point (view in presentation mode) to remind you of past and present tense work. Use the slides below to support your work and answer the questions in your book. 


Please read for at least 15 minutes a day. You can also access the Collins Reading books via the link on this page.



Please go over your times tables every day. I can see that some of you are practising every day. Keep it up! smiley


Keep working hard Class 3. We are very proud of you.


Mrs Williams, Mrs Ames and Mrs Hopley x