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WB 30.3.20

Good morning Year 4

White Rabbits! It's already the 1st April 2020.


Thank you for all your impressive work so far this week. I have been looking at your scores which are fantastic.

I will upload some more work onto the class page later today. Thank you for sending me your work from home, it is such a pleasure to get it.

Here is today's work. 


Maths Task

Complete the 2Do on Purple Mash, 'Finding matching expressions.' It is a fraction game which you should be able to do based on what we were learning just before we finished.


Active Learn

Please continue to log on and complete the online books and comprehension type questions.


TT Rock Stars

Please spend 10 minutes on the speed test.



Mrs Pawson has set you a task about protecting your passwords online. Please take a look on the 2Do Purple Mash.


Don't forget that you can always look at the writing powerpoint and practise your hand writing too!


Hope you have a lovely day, take care and hope to see you soon. Keep smiling.


Smile for the day.

What do you call a dinosaur which is sleeping?


A dino-snore!


Mrs Smith x

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Here is your work for today.


Project, 2Do Purple Mash to be completed by 7th April. This week the topic is Ancient Greek Theatre. I have included a website with a video to watch and a powerpoint to get you started. Have fun.



Please read one of your own books for 20 mins or log on to Active Learn.


Times Tables 

Please spend 10 minutes completing the times tables worksheets.


Spelling and Grammar

Take a look at the Grammar and Bug Task on Active Learn and complete the, 'Exception words,' game.


Thank you.

Tasks for today, Monday 30th March

Good morning Year 4


Reading Task

Active Learn, please try to read at least 20 pages of a book and answer the questions carefully. I have checked your allocated book numbers so you should all have a good selection.


Grammar and Spelling Bug on Active Learn

Please complete the grammar activity, 'Possessive Apostrophes.' There are lots of activities to try.



Visit Purple mash and complete the 2Do, 'Pizza Fractions.'game. Hopefully you will find it as much fun as the fraction wall. I was very impressed with your scores last week. Well done.

For those of you who want to do more maths, don't forget that I also uploaded a maths activity book last week to be completed in your pink books.


TT Rock stars

Please keep practising, try to spend at least 10 minutes and try to improve your speed.


Good luck, don't forget to read my blog!