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WB 22.6.20

                                            Friday June 26th.

Good morning Class 3.smiley What another glorious day we had yesterday! Did you manage to stay cool?  It was very hot in school even with all the doors and windows open! It was nice to find a bit of shade on the field.yes


Mrs Ames and I have loved seeing your amazing Pirate poems, you are so talented. Was it tricky? Did you enjoy it?


Well it's Friday already Class 3 so here are today's activities.



I'd like you to think about this activity as if it were an extended writing lesson in class. I'd like you to refer to the Roald Dahl comprehension I set for you on Monday and use the information in the Power Points below to make notes about this famous and talented man. 

I'd then like you to complete a piece of non-chronological writing about Roald Dahl.

Remember that the features of a non-chronological report include some of the following:

  • An eye catching heading or title.
  • An introductory paragraph.
  • Text split into paragraphs and each paragraph a different aspect about him.
  • Sub-headings for each paragraph.
  • Usually written in the past tense.
  • Pictures included if you want to.


We have written a few non-chronological reports Class 3. Do you remember our work about The Bronze Age, The Amesbury Archer and Skara Brae? These were all set out in the way I'd like you to complete your work today.

I've included a template which will give you  some ideas, but you don't have to use it f you don't want to.

Please complete this work in your book. Neat handwriting please, careful punctuation, correct spellings and keep writing for at least and hour, as we would do in class.yes 

These are some of the sub headings you could use.

Early Life

Family Life

The writer

Later Life

His books and famous quotes.



It's Times Tables Friday again Class 3. I'd like you to time yourself today when completing the large times table challenge. Maybe you could print it out twice and try to beat your time when you complete it next time.


The first lesson in our new topic, ‘Islam Concept.’

A Muslim is someone who believes in one god called Allah who can be described using many names.

We will begin by looking at the Qur’an, a sacred book important to the Muslim faith. Muslim’s treat the Qur’an as Christians treat the Bible, with respect.

Watch the video that explains the origin of the Qur’an. Take down facts about the Qu’ran as you watch the video. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02mwjsw

Write the facts into your book.



Please read every day Class 3 and remember to use the links on the class page or read your own book if you have completed all your Active Learn books.



Please practise your times tables every day Class 3.


Have a wonderful weekend. 

Mrs Williams, Mrs Ames and Mrs Hopley x cool

                                              Thursday June 25th

Good morning Class 3.smiley What a GLORIOUS day we had yesterday. Let's hope for the same today!

Isn't the news about you being able to return to school for a couple of days a week exciting. WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU! It will be really special, being all together before the Summer. Mrs Ames, Mrs Hopley and I are so excited.

Until then we will carry on with our home learning so...


Here are today's activities.



We are going to finish our graphs and data work today Class 3. I've attached some activities about pictograms. You will have covered this work in Year 2 and we've also looked at it in class. The important thing to remember is to look at the key - not a door key, but a key that gives you information. The key will tell you how many people the object or picture represents. If it represents 2 people then you need to count in 2's, 5 in 5's etc. Try your best to answer the questions. The last one on each page is the challenge so it might be a bit tricky. Have a go but don't worry if it's too tricky!


Your grammar work today is on Purple Mash. I'd like you to write your own poem about PIRATES. Use your knowledge about onomatopoeia, alliteration and similes to help you and remember that you can look at all the videos and Power Points again if you need reminding. Remember that poems don't have to rhyme.

Your challenge is to include onomatopoeia, alliteration and similes in your work!

Use the pictures on Purple Mash to help you too.

I can't wait to read them.


Please read every day Class 3. Remember to use the links on the class page or read your own book if you have completed your Active Learn books.



Please log onto Rock Stars to practise your times tables (some of you haven't logged on for a while) and use the other resources on the class page.


Have a lovely day and fingers crossed for sunshine again.cool

                                           Wednesday June 24th

Good morning Class 3.smiley  How are you all?  How did you get on with your onomatopoeia work? Did you enjoy the video? Are you ready to ready to write your own poem today?


Thank you to those of you who have added to our blog on Purple Mash, it's been great to see what you got up to over the weekend!


Here are today's activities.



We are going to carry on with our onomatopoeia work today Class 3. 

Here are 2 more youtube clips for you to watch - watch them carefully as you might want to use some of the ideas in your work.



The Onomatopoeia Alphabet

Onomatopoeia is using words that imitate the sounds things make.


"Onomatopoeia" Crash! Bash! Boom! Pow! In this song, learn about special words that imitate sounds. ...

Now complete the poem below with your own onomatopoeia words.

Please copy this poem into your book. Remember beautifully neat cursive handwriting please.yes

Can you complete the last line in the last 2 verses? Can you write a verse of your own?

Please think of a title for this poem.

Here's a poem I thought you'd like to read. Look at the onomatopoeia words the author has used!


Your maths work today has been set on Purple Mash. I've given you 2 games to play- Interpreting Block Graphs and Interpreting Pictograms. Have fun.



View the PowerPoint below in 'Presentation Mode' and work through it, answering the questions. You can do this on your own or with a grown up.

Internet and Phone Safety Multiple Choice Quiz


Please read every day Class 3. Remember to use the links on the class page or read a book of your choice if you have completed all your Active Learn books.



Please practise your times tables every day Class 3. Remember the new links on our class page.


Have a great day Class 3.smiley

                                                 Tuesday June 23rd.

Good morning Class 3.smiley  Did you enjoy finding out about Roald Dahl? What did you discover about him? I wonder if you can list some of the books he's written? You can start your list with Esio Trot! We will be doing some more work about Roald Dahl later in the week.

Have you left a message on our class bog yet? We'd love to hear from you.


Here are today's activities.


I have attached some work today which will involve you drawing your own graphs. Please read the instructions very carefully and check whether you want your graph to be in intervals of 1 or 2 or maybe even 10!

There is a blank graph at the end of each section. This is for you to collate your own information and draw your own graph. You can choose the information you would like to collate. You might want to empty out your pencil case and count how many pens, pencils, rubbers etc you have. You could empty out a pile of lego bricks and collect all the red, blue, black, yellow, white and green blocks, count them and then enter the information on your graph. These are just suggestions - the choice is yours. Choose the set of questions that will challenge you please.



Your grammar work today is all about ONOMATOPOEIA ! We are going to be concentrating on sound words. We will be exploring what onomatopoeia is and how to use it to create a sound poem. Watch the video and PowerPoint below, then try the activities.yes

I've also attached an onomatopoeia word mat to help you and give you some ideas.

How to write fun poetry



Your topic work today is going to be following on from the What Rubbish? book we looked at in class when Holly Stephens came into class. She showed us the wonderful book she had written and illustrated about looking after our oceans.

You work is on your 2do list on Purple Mash. I'd like you to consider all the ways we use water in our everyday lives.



Please read everyday Class 3. Remember to use the links on the class page or read a book of your choice if you have completed all your Active Learn books.



Please practise your times tables every day. Please log onto Times Tables Rock Stars and use the other links on your class page.


Have a great day Class 3.smiley

                                          Monday June 22nd.


Good morning Class 3. smiley How are you all? Did you have a great weekend? Did your dads and grandads enjoy Father's Day? Go to Purple Mash and click on 'sharing' to tell us about your weekend on our class blog! 

Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing at home. Mrs Ames, Mrs Hopley and I are very impressed and very proud of you all. Keep up the great work.



Here are today's activities.



We are going to continue with graph work this week Class 3. Today we are going to look at scaled bar charts. Sometimes, when we look at bar graphs we see that the intervals or scale goes up in ones, but sometimes they go up in different intervals. I'd like you to look at the Power Point carefully and make sure you understand what scaled bar charts are before completing the activities I've set for you. Look at the scale going up the side of each graph. Are they going up in intervals of 1 or 2?

Now complete these activities. Remember that the scale might not always go up in intervals of 1. Look carefully. 

If you'd like an extra challenge you can complete the Favourite Colour bar chart work.yes


I'd like you to complete a reading comprehension today all about ROALD DAHL.

He wrote Esio Trot, the book we were reading in class about Mr Hoppy, Mrs Silver and Alfie. Find out all about this wonderful author in the extracts below. 

Choose the one that will challenge you please and answer the questions carefully.


Our spelling pattern this week is the 'ur' sound when it is spelt 'ear', for example in the word 'earth'.

I'd like you to take a look at the PowerPoint below and play the guessing game to guess each word.

Then, go to Purple Mash and complete the spelling quiz.

Finally, write each word in a sentence in your workbook. Make sure you check the meaning in a dictionary if you are unsure laugh


Please read every day Class 3. Remember to read a book of your choice from home or from the links on the class page if you have completed all your Active Learn books.


Don't forget your times tables Class 3. There are lots of new links on the class page in addition to your Times Tables Rock Stars.yes