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WB 20.4.20

Friday 24th April


Hello everyone! It is Friday! Yay! I hope that you enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend! I want you to be making the most of this beautiful weather so remember if you are finding yourselves easily distracted at home, maybe create a timetable for each day or make sure you get your work done first thing then you have the rest of the day to do other activities perhaps? Just some things to think about!


I have loved watching your Animations! They have really made me smile! I hope today's make a beat activity doesn't annoy too many people at home! Remember to make it upbeat because it is a Friday after all! Enjoy! 


Well done again for all of your hard work this week! You, as always, have been brilliant!


Joke time (still food related)


What do you give to a sick lemon?


Lemon aid!


MATHS ACTIVITY: Complete one of the activities in the Mathsphere booklet. 


MATHS ACTIVITY: Arithmetic paper. You don’t need to print this, you can just answer in your book.


PURPLE MASH: A musical 2 Beat activity has been set today. I am sure you will have a bit of fun with this!


WRITING TASK: I would like you to start considering how you are feeling about next year and your move up to high school. I have attached some information below to fill in and from the information if you wish, type me a letter to email in to school letting me know your thoughts. If this could be done by Friday 1st May that would be brilliant.

Thursday 23rd April


MATHS ACTIVITY: Complete one of the activities from the Mathsphere booklet.


ENGLISH ACTIVITY: Comprehension paper. Again, you don’t have to print this you can just answer the questions in your book. I have also added some additional reading comprehension questions should you wish to dip into these too! 


SPELLING ACTIVITY: Complete relevant spelling activity in spelling booklets or complete the activity put up online.


PURPLE MASH: A 2 animate activity has been set as a 2Do and completed today.

Wednesday 22nd  April


Hello All! Hope you are still enjoying the sunshine! Well done for completing your activities again, it is great to see who is logging on and working so hard! Mrs Pawson has given you an E-Safety task as well to complete on Purple Mash- I hope that you enjoy it! 


Joke- Why don't you starve in a desert?


Because of all the 'sand which' is there! Hahaha! 


Here are your activities for today! 


MATHS ACTIVITY: Complete one of the activities from the Mathsphere booklet.


ENGLISH ACTIVITY: Comprehension paper. You don’t have to print this- you can just answer in your book.


PURPLE MASH: Synonyms and Antonyms activity has been set as a 2Do to complete today. I will be checking this work later!


PURPLE MASH: E Safety task has been also set as a 2Do.

Tuesday 21st April

Hello Year 6. 


Well done once again for the work that you completed yesterday! Despite the slightly complicated Purple Mash activity! Please do not worry if there is an element of work that is confusing or slightly difficult to access. Remember I know how hard you are all working in this slightly strange times and you should be very proud of your selves! 


Joke time (a particularly bad one even for me but hopefully it gets a laugh! It made me smile!)


Waiter, this food tastes funny?





MATHS ACTIVITY: Mathsphere activity to be completed in books


GRAMMAR ACTIVITY: Complete the activity by identifying the adverbs. You can write some sentences in your book which contain adverbs, Remember adverbs add information to verbs and also to adjectives (incredibly kind).


PURPLE MASH: Fraction wall activity set as a 2Do for you to complete today. I have had a go with this and it seems less complicated than yesterday! 

Monday 20th April


Hello Year 6! I hope that you have had a brilliant Easter holiday, even though it might not have been a usual holiday for any of us! I have been overwhelmed by the amount of amazing work and messages that have been emailed in to school- thank you for this as it is lovely to see what you are all getting up to! 


Back to a regular routine now! Make sure you are completing the activities each day. I will be logging on to Purple Mash, Active Learn and Times Table Rockstars each day to see and tick off who has been accessing these! 


Joke time-

What is black, white, green and bumpy?




Monday's activities are below- enjoy! 


MATHS ACTIVITY: Complete a Mathsphere Activity in books.


GRAMMAR ACTIVITY: Complete the activity about conjunctions: co-ordinating (FANBOYS) and subordinating conjunctions. Remember we use these in writing to create complex sentences and compound sentences.


ENGLISH ACTIVITY: Active Learn reading (x1 book per day/15minutes of reading). I have allocated new books for you all to enjoy J Please remember to answer the comprehension questions once you have finished the books!


TIMES TABLE ROCKSTARS: x10minutes daily times table practise.


PURPLE MASH: Maths activity 2 Calculate to be completed today and set as a 2Do.