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WB 18.5.20

Friday 22nd May.

Hello Year 5

Well this is the last set of work for you to complete and then you have 2 weeks holiday. We will be providing links to different websites you can utilise, if you are bored over the holidays. I know I have said this before, but I wanted to say how impressed I am with the work you have submitted. I am so proud of you!smileysmiley

So, your work for today is:

Writing I have attached information about an important piece of writing we would like you to complete. 

Maths I have attached 2 assessment booklets for you to complete. You don't need to print the booklets, just copy the calculation in your exercise book and then work out the answer. The answers are attached so you can see how you did.

Active Learn x1 book for 30mins daily reading.

TT ROCKSTARS x 30 mins daily practise.


Have a good rest, keep safe and enjoy the holiday. 

Mrs McClellan and Mrs Pawson.

Hello Year 5. 

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the fantastic weather yesterday. Today's work:

Purple Mash I have set a grammar 2do for you to complete on Prefixes, called George Misbehaves. There is also a work sheet which I have downloaded for you to complete as well. Read the instruction carefully.

Maths I have attached two sheets on decimal numbers for you to complete. One has 3 different worksheets so just choose the one which will challenge you. I have also attached another Mystery Game for you to try. When changing decimals to fractions think about the place value eg. tenths and hundredths,

Active Learn x1 reading book for 30 mins minimum.

TT ROCKSTARS x30 mins daily practise.



Good morning class 5. I hope you all had a good day yesterday, especially Danae who celebrated her birthday yesterday. Thank-you for your work on mountains. I really enjoyed reading them.

Work for today - 20th May

Purple Mash: I have two 2do activities on 3D shapes.One is a pairs game and the other is identifying the 3D shapes. Do the pairs activity first and write down the names of the shapes so that in the second activity. when you are asked to write down the name of the shape, you spell the word correctly.

I have also attached another maths mystery game for you to solve.

Grammar: Today we will be looking at the suffix -ful. There is a power point for you to work through and then two activities for you to complete. I would also like you to put the words you find in the word search into a sentence. Apart from the word search activity, do the code breaker and sentences in your exercise book.

E-safety. I have download three different level comprehension activities. Choose the one which will challenge you.

Active Learn: x1 reading book for 30 mins daily reading.

TT Rockstars: 30 mins daily practise.


Hello Year 5

Did you manage to solve the mystery of the mixed up football shirts?

Well I have set another mystery for you today.

Work for Tuesday 19th May:

​​​​​​Purple Mash I have set a 2do for you on the geography of a mountain. I have downloaded a BBC Bitesize to help you write this information text.

Grammar There is another comprehension for you to complete on the playwright William Shakespeare. Please choose the set of questions you think will challenge you. There are answers for you to check your work.

Maths There are two sheets of work for you to complete on decimals. One involves decimal place value and the other involves rounding decimals to the nearest whole number. Once again, choose the sheet which will challenge you. I have also set you another mystery game for you to solve.

Active Learn x1 book for at least 30 mins. Also attempt a grammar activity from the list you have been allocated.

TT ROCKSTARS x 30 mins daily practise.



Good morning Year 5

I hope you have all had a good week-end and enjoyed the lovely weather on Saturday. It was exciting to travel a bit further away from home and enjoy a long walk in the sunshine.

Thank-you all so much for the work you completed last week.I enjoyed reading the Marshmallow Monster narratives I have received so far. I do miss you all but it is lovely to receive your work and comments. Hopefully we will all be back together soon. In the meantime, your work for Monday is as follows:


Purple Mash I have set a spelling 2do activity.Aim to beat your score from the previous week and those who achieved 100%, you need to maintain this level of accuracy. Write a sentence for each word in your exercise book. I have attached the spelling list.

Grammar I have attached a reading comprehension for you to complete. Choose the sheet you feel will challenge you. You don't need to print this out, just write the answers in your exercise book. There are answers so that you can mark your work.

Maths We have looked at equivalent fractions before so this will be good revision. Again there are 3 different work sheets. Choose the one which will challenge you. 

I have also included 'The Mystery of the mixed-up football shirts,' for you to solve. Read the instructions carefully. Remember 50% = 1/2

On page 7 - y simply represents a mystery number. To find the mystery number carry out the inverse operation.  3y = 3 x y

Answer booklet is attached but don't look at it until you have finished the game. Good luck.

Active Learn: x1 book for at least 30 mins. Also look at a grammar activity you haven't yet completed. 

TT ROCKSTARS x30 mins daily practice.


If you complete all this work then finish any outstanding work from the previous week.