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WB 18.5.20

Fabulous Friday 22.5.20

Good morning Year 4,

Well can you believe we are at the end of term? I am sure you are ready for a rest because even though you have not been at school, I know that you have been working very hard. I have been constantly impressed by your work, I have enjoyed seeing the work that you have sent in and the comments that you have posted on Purple Mash. Although we are not together, sharing your work and your jokes has helped to keep us connected. Thank you sincerely to all of you and to your parents who I know have been working hard too. 

I am missing you all a lot, I wonder if I will recognise you when we go back to school, hopefully, in July? I bet most of you have grown! I know that you must be missing meeting up with your friends too, but I hear that lots of you are meeting digitally, following safety rules of course and although it is not the same, it is still a way to keep in touch. 

Over the next two weeks, I would like you to have a much earned rest and enjoy yourselves, make sure you encourage your hard working parents to do the same if they can. Maybe you could help out with jobs or offer to lend a hand tidying? Hopefully you will find a way to help. Your parents have kept you safe and well and I am sure that even though you miss your friends, it must have been very special spending so much time with them.

I will set today's work as usual and add some activities that you may or may not want to do over the holidays, your choice. They are Summer activities around English and Maths.

Take care all of you and keep smiling.

Best wishes and virtual hugs to you all,

Mrs Smith x



Multiplication Worksheets.

Please complete at least three sheets and remember to time yourselves.


Writing Task

Report writing, Mrs Fryman and I would like you to complete your end of year school report. The template and instructions are below. Read them carefully and if you have any problems, please ask. Good luck.



Active Learn or your own book for 15 minutes please.



15 Minutes timed practice.


Daily Smile, thank you Olivia.

Which birds steal soap for the bath?

Robber ducks!

Keep them coming folks!smiley

Thursday 21.5.20

Good morning Year 4,

Well I hope that you all had a lovely time in the sunshine yesterday and that you managed to have an ice-cream! I had a Cadbury Flake Cone, it was delicious.

I am sorry that the Active Learn game did not work properly, I had tried part of it and it was fine, maybe it was the hot weather? Please thank your parents for letting me know, I will look into it. In the meantime, please don't worry about completing it.

Did you listen to the news yesterday? Captain Tom has been made a, 'Sir.' A much deserved title for a marvellous  man. When we look back at this time, I think that he will definitely be one of the happier memories.

Have another lovely day, don't work too hard and keep smiling.

Take care,

Mrs Smith x


Daily smile, thank you Imogen.

What kind of music do frogs like?

Hip Hop!



2Do Purple Mash

Please remember to look through the words first at the bottom of this page before you start the test.

Sp2 Wk5


Maths Task

'Divide by 100 to give tenths, hundredths and thousandths.' (Can you all spell these word numbers?)

Read through the slides, try to answer the question as you go. Complete the 3 slides into you book. Again no peeking! 



Active learn or your own book for 15 minutes please. I would love to know what you are reading if you are reading one of your own books. Perhaps you could tell me on Purple Mash?



15 minutes practice please.

20.5.20 Wednesday

Good morning Year 4,

How are you on this lovely day? We are due some sunshine over the next few days so hopefully you can whizz through your work and get outside. I have been looking through your Tenths and Hundredths quiz and it made me smile. smileyYou all did really well, got top marks and enjoyed it! I was worried that you would find it tricky, so well done to you. Give yourselves a big pat on the back.

We are looking at Decimals and Pronouns again today, so I hope you will enjoy the work and that you will be as successful as you were yesterday.

Have fun, take care,

Mrs Smith x


Daily Smile from Harlow, thank you.

What happened to the man who stole a Christmas calendar?

He got 24 days!



Purple Mash 2Do 'The Settlers,' chapter 4. Please read the text carefully and answer the questions.



Active learn, 'Noun and Pronouns,' have a go at the quiz to see how much you have remembered. Have a look at the video at the bottom of this page first to remind you of the difference between a noun and a pronoun.



'Divide by 10 to give tenths and hundredths.' Remember these numbers are smaller than the numbers in the ones column. Look at a place value chart to remind yourself where tenths and hundredths sit on the right hand side of the decimal point. Don't get confused because they are called hundredths and tenths. Read through the slides answering the questions as you go. Complete the 3 worksheets into your books, without peeking at the answers if you can.



Complete the Digital footprint sheet into your books please.



Read for 15 minutes, online or using your own books.



Practice for 15 minutes.

19.5.20 Tuesday

Hi Year 4,

I hope I find you happy and ready to work. I have looked at yesterday's scores on Purple Mash and they are wonderful. Remember the help sheets and powerpoints (PPT) at the bottom of this page are there to help and guide you, so please read them before you attempt any of the tasks. 

This week with Maths and English, I am continuing to work through work which should be familiar, but might need revising before Year 5. Hopefully you will find it still a little challenging.

Have a good day,

Take care,

Mrs Smith x


Daily Smile from Jasmin, thank you.

What did the big tomato say to the little tomato when it was being too slow?




2Do Purple Mash Rivers

Please read through the PPT and watch the video before completing the task.



Nouns and Pronouns

Read the PPT and watch the video before choosing your level of work. Copy/print the work into your books.

Nouns are words for people, places and things, pronouns can replace nouns. For example, we could use 'he' to replace the name 'John,' in a sentence to avoid repetition. Don't forget the possessive pronouns, hers, his, my and so on.


Maths Task

2Do Purple Mash. Tenths and Hundredths. Be warned it is tricky but please do your best. I'm sure some of you will race through the match up game.



15 minutes on Active Learn please.



15 minutes practice please.



Morning Year 4,

I hope that I find you wide awake and ready to learn? This week we will continue to build on revising the Grammar work that you did in Year 3 and at the beginning of year 4. Hopefully you can understand the work based on the PPT that I have produced to help you. Any problems, please add a comment to the Purple Mash page.

We are also going to do a little more work on Decimals, it looks like most of you understood decimal tenths, which is amazing. I hope that you find the rest of the work on decimals so straight forward.

I am very proud of all of you for trying so hard to complete the work set.

After the hiccup last week with Purple Mash, I have reset the Water Cycle project and extended the date by a few days. Hopefully that will give you time to finish the work if you haven't already done so.smiley If you had done the work and it has got lost, please don't worry, we can look at it later when we are back at school.

I hope you are enjoying, 'The Settlers,' I have opened up two chapters this week for you to have a look at. 

Please remember to read through the instructions carefully and you should be fine.smiley

Take care all of you,

Mrs Smith x


Daily Smile, a riddle from Jasmin.

What grows every time you take from it?

A hole! 



Purple Mash Spellings

Complete the 2Do quiz SP1 Wk 5. Open up the spellings list below before you start and revise, it will help you to get 100%!



Purple Mash, 'The Settlers,' Chapter 3. Read the pages and answer the questions. Most of you got 100% last week, let's see if you all can.



Subordinate conjunctions. Building on what you did last week, I would like you to read on from slide 15. This time we are looking to add a subordinate clause, (the group of words which makes a sentence more interesting,) with a subordinate conjunction, (these are joining words which improve your writing.) 

You will have heard about them in Year 3, so you will know them, you just need to start using them more now that you are year 4, almost year 5!

The first activity is a match up, the second, is a Jigsaw activity. You have to choose a subordinate conjunction and then write a subordinate clause to finish off the sentence.There is an example on the sheet. I have included a word mat to help you, it includes a wider choice of subordinate conjunctions. Please have a look.

Complete the two worksheets in your head then write at least six sentences from the worksheets into your books. Three from each worksheet.



Read through the PPT about Decimal hundredths. Remember, a hundredth is made by dividing an object into a hundred parts. Imagine a very large cake and 100 pupils, you would have to divide the cake into 100 parts! Each smaller part is called a hundredth. Make sure you do not get confused with a hundred which is much bigger and very different. Like a tenth, hundredths are found on the right hand side of the decimal point.

Read each slide carefully, then complete the three sheets, please put the answers into your books. Try not to go back to check your answers until you have finished.



Active Learn. Read an online book for 15 minutes. Five of you,  All except five of you worked on Active Learn last week, thank you. Please make sure you all read, reading is a very important skill.



10 minutes practice please.