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WB 15.6.20

                                            Friday, June 19th, 2020

Good morning Class 3 and HAPPY FRIDAY!smiley  How are you all? Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing and for the fantastic work Mrs Ames and I can see on Purple Mash. yes

What a wet, miserable day we had yesterday. The children at school were stuck indoors all day. Were you? Maybe you managed to go for a walk in the rain or played out anyway! Fingers crossed we get better weather today.


Here are your Friday activities.



It's Times Tables Friday again Class 3.

I've given you some work to do on the 8 times table today. This can be a tricky one to learn - but just remember, if you know your 4 times table you just double the answers to get your 8's. This is a times table you are going to need to learn for Class 4 so let's learn it now. You can download the whole booklet, single pages or copy the answers straight into your book.


I've also given you a times table sheet that will enable you to go over all your times tables. You could time yourself doing this if you want to. 


Your task this week is to write another poem. Last week you wrote haiku poems and this week I'm asking you to write an acrostic poem. I'm sure you must have written one of these in Year 2. If you click on the links below you will find out what an acrostic poem is and how to write one. I've included a template for you to use if you want to, but you don't have to write a poem about the seaside. I'm sure some you you might like to write about dinosaurs or family, a sport or something of your choice. I'd like you, if possible to include at least one sentence that has an alliterative phrase and one that has a simile.


acrostic poems

The Learning Lab: Acrostic Poems

Watch out fun 60 second video which explains what an acrostic is quickly and simply.


Please read every day Class 3. Remember to use the links on the class page or read a book from home if you have completed all your Active Learn books.



Remember to go over your times tables every day Class 3. There are links to other games on our class page as well as your Times Tables Rock Stars.


Have a lovely weekend Class 3.

We wish all your dads and grandads a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY on Sunday.smiley


Mrs Williams, Mrs Ames and Mrs Hopley x

                                       Thursday June 18th, 2020

Good morning Class 3.smiley  How are you all? Mrs Ames, Mrs Hopley and I are missing you all. We are very proud of all the work you are doing at home and are glad to see that you are trying your best with all the activities we are setting for you. Keep it up Class 3.yes


Here are today's activities.



I've given you some more graph work to complete today. Remember to read the questions carefully. Please complete the birthday graph work first (Start answering the questions from Q2) then choose 2 of the exercises from the second activity.




Your grammar work today is on your 2do list on Purple Mash. I've given you a choice today. You can either do Dinosaur Similes or go on Create a Story. If you choose Create a Story I'd like you to write some of your alliteration sentences and/or the  similes sentences that you completed this week- and then you can illustrate them. This will be a great way for you to show me some of the work you've done this week. 


The Duchess of Cambridge is leading a live assembly at 11 0 clock today. Here is the link.


Please read every day Class 3. You can read one of your own books or a book from one of the links on your class page if you have completed all your Active Learn books.



Please practise your times tables every day Class 3.smiley


Have a lovely Thursday.

                                        Wednesday June 17th 2020

Happy Wednesday Class 3.smiley  We hope you are all enjoying the work we've set for you so far this week. Did you enjoy the alliteration work? Thank you for sending in some of your examples.yes

Have you listened to Mrs Ames reading a story?  Follow the link on our class page. It's a lovely story and has beautiful illustrations.


Let's hope the rain stays away today so that you can play out later.


Here are today's activities.



Your maths is on your 2do list on Purple Mash today. It's called 'Solving questions using graphs'.

I've given you 2 days to complete the game this time.



We are going to be looking at similes today Class 3. Watch the you tube clip below then look at the Power Point as both will explain what similes are and why we use them in our written work.


When you have watched the video clip and Power Point then choose one of the following activities to complete. You can do this work in your book.  You can complete both activities if you want to. I've also added a word mat for you to use if you'd like to. 


On the school website, explore the SAFE link.

Then create a quiz or ask a grown up to test you on what you have read.

I've set '2Quiz' as a 2do on purple mash if you'd like to create an online quiz. Alternatively, you could use PowerPoint or write some questions down in your workbook.


Please read every day Class 3. If you have completed all your Active Learn books you can read your own books from home or follow the links on the class page.



Please practise your times tables every day Class 3. I was really pleased to see that some of you that hadn't been on Rock Stars recently logged on yesterday. It's a really good idea to keep going over your times tables every day, especially before starting Year 4.yes

                                            Tuesday June 16th 2020


                                          Good morning Class 3.

We hope you enjoyed yesterday's activities. Did you enjoy the poem? I hope so.smiley Have you looked at our class blog? Have you left a message? 


Don't forget to check out the Teachers Reading Stories page - Mrs Ames has a special story for you this week!


Here are today's activities. Work hard and try your best but also make sure you manage to enjoy the sunshine we are having. Thank you for the work you have sent in, you have written some very clever Haiku poems. We are very impressed.yes



We are going to continue with Data Handling and graph work today Class 3.

Look at the Power Point below then complete the  remaining activities in your booklet. 


You are going to be writing a different kind of poem on Friday, but before you do that you will need to revise alliteration work.

Watch the  2 Power Points below which will explain what you need to do. Have fun completing your alliteration task.smiley


As we come to the end of our science topic, I want to say a huge thank you to all children and parents who have worked SO hard learning about plants. It's been an ideal topic for a lockdown situation and I am just thrilled by how many of you have really engaged with lots of practical activities linked to plants. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! 


For today's lesson, we are looking at the different parts that make up the flower itself. There's lots of tricky, new vocabulary so please make sure you work through the presentation and watch the video included in the presentation too. It will really help with the Purple Mash work yes and I've pointed out the slide that will be most useful to you.


Please read every day Class 3. Remember to use the links on the class page if you have completed all your Active Learn books.



Please practise your times tables every day Class 3. You can use the additional links on the class page as well as Rock Stars.

                                       Monday June 15th 2020

Good morning Class 3. We hope you managed to have a lovely weekend and were able to enjoy the sunshine.smiley


This week we will start to record audio replies for some of your Purple Mash work, so listen out for those. Don't forget to leave us a message on there too - we love hearing from you! 


There's also a blog on there that we will use to communicate with each other - Mrs Pawson has already left a blog post on there for you - go to Purple Mash and click on "sharing" to see more laugh


Here is your code breaker for today:


and here are today's activities:



This week we are back to looking at words from the Year 3/4 spelling lists. The words are quite tricky as they don't usually follow a spelling pattern.

Take a look at the PowerPoint below in 'presentation mode' to play to game on there. Then go to Purple Mash and find the 2do activity - Mrs Ames has left you some audio instructions to explain what to do.


There's also a word search below if you want to keep practising!


interest, experiment, potatoes, favourite, imagine, material, promise, opposite, minute, increase


We are going to be revisiting DATA HANDLING this week. Don't worry, you've covered this work before, it's all about collecting data, tallying, pictograms and graphs.

Here are some clips to help you.


There are four exercises for you to complete in this booklet but I'd like you to complete the Garden Birds Graph work and the Reading Pictogram work today please. Read the instructions carefully. You don't need to print the questions, you can just write the answers in your book.



We are going to continue to look at poetry this week Class 3. I would like you to read the poem at the back of the booklet called 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat' today. It is a very famous poem. I remember learning this poem off by heart when I was your age! When you have read the poem, try your best to answer the comprehension questions at the back of the answer booklet as fully as you can. I have uploaded the whole booklet as I thought you might also like to read the other pieces in your own time. You don't have to print this work, you can answer the questions in your book.


Please read every day Class 3. Remember that you can read your own books or use the links on your class page if you have completed all your Active Learn books.



Please practise your times tables every day Class 3 and try out the games via the links on your class page.