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WB 13.4.20

Good Morning Class R!

I hope you are all safe and well and had lots of Easter Eggs.!

I enjoyed my first piece of chocolate on Easter Sunday, as I gave up chocolate for Lent……it tasted delicious!


Here are a selection of activities that I have planned for this week. 

However, there is no expectation for you to complete all these activities – I have given you a choice of things you may like to try.


Monday 13th April

  • Write a few sentence in your workbook about what you did on Easter Sunday – how many eggs did you get? Did you do an Easter egg hunt? What did you have for tea? Etc.
  • Let’s get creative - make a paper plate butterfly     
  • Using Purple mash, draw a colourful bird and then label the different parts of the bird – this has been set as a 2do for you


Tuesday 14th April

  • Using your workbook, write or draw as many things related to Easter that you can think of e.g. Eggs, chocolate, Jesus, cross.
  • Look at the plant you are growing at home (the one we planted at Grappenhall Heys Walled Gardens) and see how tall it has grown.  Can you measure it? Draw a picture of it in your workbook and write how tall it is in centimetres.
  • Can you label your plant?


Wednesday 15th April

  • Spring Writing Activity – write a sentence about each of the spring pictures, use the boxes at the top to help you     
  • Play I Spy Spring – how many lambs can you see?  Write the numbers on the answer sheet  
  • In your workbook write an Easter prayer

Thursday 16th April

  • Complete the Easter themed addition worksheets     
  • Cutting and matching activity – animals and their young   
  • Play spot the difference - spring scene.  There are 6 difference for you to find     

Friday 17th April

  • Mummy starts with ‘m’ have a look around the house and garden and see if you could make a list in your workbook of all the things that begin with ‘m’ – how many can you find?
  • Look in your garden or when you go for a walk to see if you can find any evidence of Spring – complete this tick sheet
  •  You could also draw the things you have seen in your workbook and label them