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WB 11.5.20

15.5 20 Fabulous Friday (not freaky!)

Hi everybody,

I hope that you had a great Thursday and are looking forward to the weekend. I know I am, especially as the good weather should be returning. 

It has been a very quick week and you have worked very hard. I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful class of pupils who work hard and want to learn. I know I keep saying this but I am very proud of how keen you are to do well, despite not being in the classrooms. I also know how hard your parents are working to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Please remember to thank them from me and from you of course!

Thank you all for the lovely pieces of work that you have chosen to send in, it has been a joy to see it. There is  some fantastic work going on with the Water Cycle project. If you have time, take a look on the Purple Mash shared area where I have posted Andrew's and Thea's to show you. There is also an example  from Edward and Darcy on the webpage. I have been very impressed to see most of using all the scientific vocabulary.

Please keep working hard on you Art project, again, they have been fantastic.

Today there are quite a few messages to help you with your work. Please read the instructions carefully so that you find the work straight forward.smileysmiley

Have a super weekend, the sun is coming back apparently, fingers crossed.

Take care, missing you all lots,

Mrs Smith x


Smile of the day, thank you Grace

What is brown and sticky?

A stick!


Writing Task due  22nd May

Complete a book review about any book that you have read recently. I have attached a powerpoint which highlights some information about what to include and how to set it out. In class, we used a writing frame but I thought this time that you could write directly into your books. I will post a writing frame as a guide but would prefer it if you did not use it. You could use the headings though if it helped.smiley


Maths Task

I am going to start a topic which you should have covered in year 3 and is revisited in year 4 in more depth. The topic is Decimals and it builds on the fraction work. Hopefully the ppt will help to remind you. Today we are looking at tengths. Please read the ppt and then answer, copy/print the worksheet, slide 22 and 23 into your books. Just the answers will do. Again the answers are there to guide you, so try to avoid peeking if you can!



Subordinate Clauses. This is another topic that you should be familiar, but it is probably a while since you thought about it. Building on joining sentences with conjunctions, it looks at how to make sentences more interesting. Read through the ppt up to slide 13, watch the video  and then complete the worksheet on slide 14. To help I have put some answers and thought that you could try to match them up. Choose five sentences to write into your books, remember the commas!! If you want a challenge, then do your own sentences. We will continue with this on Monday.



Active Learn please, a few of you have not read online for a few days so please try to catch up today or maybe over the weekend.



10 minutes practice please.




Well it's terrific Thursday already again Year 4,

I hope that you have had a good day, playing and working hard. Not long and it will be the weekend again so keep up the good work!

Take care

Mrs Smith x


Daily Smile thanks to Lola.

What do you call a deer with no eye?

No I deer!

What do you call a deer with no eye and no legs?

Still no I deer!



Please continue with the Equivalent fractions, we have almost finished this topic and we will move on soon.

Read on from slide 53 and complete slide 54. Check your answers then complete slide 63. Check your answers on slides 64-71.

Read slide 72-75 then complete slide 79.

Read slide 80, then complete slide 81-90. Make sure you write the problem in your books first and answer them before looking at the answer.

If you want a further challenge, you could play the game on slide 92.

Copy/print your work into your books please.



Please complete the activity on Active Learn to do with the suffix - 'ous.'

Read through these rules carefully before you start.

  • If the root word doesn't change, just add 'ous' - e.g danger ----> dangerous.
  • If the word ends in 'e', drop the e and add 'ous' - e.g. fame ----> famous.
  • If the word ends in 'y' change it to an 'i' and add 'ous' - e.g. vary ----> various.



Conjunctions. Conjunctions are words that join sentences together. I would like you to look at the conjunctions, but, while, because, so, when, or. Have a look at the short video and powerpoint then complete any 4 questions from slide 5 and 4 questions from slide 6, copy/print the activities into your books.



15 minutes on Active Learn please.



10 minutes practice.



13.5.20 Wonderful Wednesday again!

Dear Year 4,

Well here we are again, half way through the week. Although the weather has been a little grey, your wonderful art work has brightened up each day. I hope you have had chance to look at the work on the class page. 

I was very impressed with your Odd/Even work yesterday and there was a big improvement in your work on apostrophes. I hope we have time to revisit this when we go back to school but I have attached two powerpoints for you to look at if you still feel a little unsure.

Thank you for the jokes that are arriving, it is fun to share them. 

Have a good day,

Take care,

Mrs Smith x


Daily Smile from Imogen, thank you.

Why did the hen cross the road?

Because the chicken was on holiday!



Active Learn. Look at the suffix, 'ly.' Have a look at root words such as careful and carefullyThere are some rules to follow;

If the root word ends in y, with a consonant before it, the y is changed to i. For example, happy changes to happily.

If the root word ends in le, then then the le is changed to ly. For example, gentle to gently.

If the root word ends with ic, then ally, is added rather than ly. For example, basic changes to basically.

I hope that makes sense. Don't panic if that sounds confusing, just have a go and it should be clearer.


Grammar Task

Determiners. Look through the powerpoint and then choose your challenge, one, two or three stars. One is the easiest. 

Don't worry about all the different types, just remember that they come before a noun, (a person, place or thing) or before the adjective describing the noun. They can be specific, which means we are clear which noun we are talking about, for example,  that chair, or,  my coat, or they can be general, for example, a chair, or, some girls.

I have found a good song as a help. have a listen to it.



Complete the E-safety quiz on the powerpoint.



10 minutes reading your own book.



12.5.20 Tuesday

Good morning Year 4.

Thank you for all your hard work yesterday and for all the super art work. I hope you enjoyed having a creative project. This week's project will cover the, 'Water Cycle,' which I hope you will find just as much fun.We will be continuing with this topic when we get back to school so please keep your work safe. Remember that you can research around the subject, you don't just have to look at the resources that I provide.

Have a great day.

Take care everybody.

Mrs Smith x


Daily Smile from Thea

What do you get when you eat Christmas decorations?




2Do Purple Mash

The Water Cycle

Take a look at the powerpoint then fill in the workpage with lots of information using the given headlines. Keep your work safe and hand in by 19th May please.




Read through the powerpoint and then complete the challenges. Which one will you choose, one star easy, two medium or three star tricky! Please copy/print work into your books.



2Do Purple Mash, 'Odd and Even Numbers.' How quickly can you recognise if a number is odd or even? Make sure you read the instructions on the game first please.



Active Learn x15 minutes.



Speed and accuracy test 15 minutes.


Good morning Year 4, welcome to magical Monday! (Let's hope so anyway!!)

I hope you had a lovely long weekend and were able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Although this week will be a little cooler, there is no rain forecast so you should still be able to get outside and have some fun.

How many of you had a VE party? I was fortunate to be able to be part of a social distancing party where I live. It was good to be able to remember the generation of people who fought in the wars for our freedom. We had home-made bunting which really brightened up the houses, no cakes though, which was a bit disappointing!

I am enjoying looking at your letters and art work so thank you for continuing to work hard. 

Have a great day.

Mrs Smith x


Daily Smile, thank you Grace.

What do you call a fish with no eye?


Keep sending your jokes in please...



Complete the 2Do Purple Mash spelling activity/qiuz Sp 1 Wk4

Copy/print the spellings into your books please. Writing the spellings once or twice will be enough, unless you need more practice.


Grammar Task

2Do Purple Mash, 'Mark's chicken.' Punctuate the text using the correct inverted commas/speech marks. Re-write the sentences into your books or print and complete. Check that you put other punctuation such as commas, question marks and full stops inside your speech marks, some of you are still forgetting. Please watch the video clip first to remind yourselves what to do.



Have a look at the Equivalent Fraction powerpoint. Read from slide 37-42. Have a go at completing slide 43 and 44. Copy print and complete them into your books. Check slides 45-52 for answers. 

Don't forget you can do extra maths using the extra maths booklet I posted last week.



Well done only two people didn't use Active Learn last week, that is amazing. Keep reading and answering questions. 15 minutes please.


TT Rock stars

Great to see that only three people didn't try to beat their score last week, the rest of you did a brilliant job. Well done.


Keep up the fabulous work Year 4, I am very proud of you all.