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WB 11.5.20

Hello Year 5: 

Well we are nearly at the end of another week. A lot of you have sent in a picture of yourself to go with your buddy letter. If you have not done this, then can you please send it in. Thank you. I know you are excited about finding out who your buddy is. I will let you know as soon as I can.

Work for today - 15th May 2020

Writing Task. I have downloaded a video for you to watch -The Marshmallow Monster. It is quite amusing. Watch it a few times and then I would like you to write a narrative. You need to start by describing the setting using lots of expanded noun phrases. You will need to include a detailed description of the monster- what he looks like, how he acts and how his mood changes throughout the story. I would like to see dialogue and ISPACE openers. 

Maths  I have put 2 maths activities on today. There are 3 sheets for each activity. Choose the one you think will challenge you. There is also an nrich extension if you would like to try it.

Active Learn x1 reading book for 30mins daily reading. 

TT ROCKSTARS  x30mins daily practise.


Thursday 14th May

Hello Year 5. Thank you all for your continued hard work. I have still not received 5 Buddy Letters. If you know you have not sent yours in then can you do so ASAP. I will be sending them out next Friday. It would be sad if your buddy did not receive a letter. Please remember to send in a photograph of yourself as well.


Work for today:

Purple Mash - I have set a 2do activity on paragraph cohesion for you to complete.

Maths I have attached some work on addition and subtraction of fractions. Choose the sheet you feel more comfortable with.

I have also attached a Pirate Code Breaker activity for those who would like extra work.

Reading - I have attached a Reading Booklet and Answer Booklet for you to complete. Please, you do not need to print them out. Just write the answers in your exercise book. Choose one out of the three of texts and answer the questions on that text.

Active Learn - x1 book for at least 30 mins.

TT ROCKSTARS - x30 mins daily practise.


Wednesday 13th May

Good morning Class 5. I hope you are all well. Here is your Home Learning for today.

Purple Mash: I would like you to complete the 2do activity on Interpreting Timetables. If you want to have a go at the 2do  quiz then this is fine but it is optional. 

Grammar: I have set you another activity on apostrophes. Please complete this activity in your exercise book.

E-Safety:   Complete the Word Search and the Crossword. Discuss the meaning of each word with someone at home and write a sentence about their importance.

Active Learn:  x1 reading book for 30mins daily reading.

TT ROCKSTARS: 30 mins daily practise.

I have also set a Maths Paper as an optional activity for those who said they would like more work. Please do the work in your exercise book. You do not have to print the booklet. The answers are at the end of the booklet for you to check how you did.

Enjoy smiley

Hello Class 5

Work for today: Tuesday 12th May

Purple Mash: I have set a geography 2do activity which involves writing a fact file on Switzerland. I have put two links on the class page for you to research information.

Grammar: There is a grammar activity on apostrophes for you to complete in your exercise books. I have also put a BBC link on the class page which explains singular and plural possession.

Maths: There are two pages on multiplication for you to complete in your activity books. The second sheet involves multiplying a 2-digit number by a 2-digit number. Remember the method you were taught in class. Split the page in your exercise book to carry out each part of the multiplication e.g. 23x 21   multiply 23 by 1, then multiply 23 by 2 and then multiply the answer by 10. To arrive at the answer add both totals together,   

23 x 1 = 23

23 x 2 = 46, then 46 x 10 = 460.

Add together 23 and 460 to get the answer.

Active Learn: x1 reading book for at least 30 mins.

TT ROCKSTARS: x30 mins daily practise.





Monday 11th May 2020

Spellings: I have set a 2do spelling activity on Purple Mash. You don'y have to put these words into sentences this week.

Grammar: I have download an activity sheet on its and it's. Read the examples carefully. We have looked at something similar in class so this will be good revision. We will be looking at apostrophes again this week as we seem to be getting mixed up with words which are simply plurals and be words which require an apostrophe to show possession. 

Complete the work in your exercise books and then check your work using the answer sheet, which has also been downloaded.

Maths: I have downloaded 2 sheets on addition and subtraction. Just copy out the calculations in your exercise books. 

Active Learn: x1 reading book for at least 30 mins.

TT ROCKSTARS: x30 mins daily practise.

Have a great daysmiley