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We would love to see some of the amazing work that you are completing whilst at home! If you would like to send in some projects or work that you have completed, please email your teacher via the school office! 


The first paragraph of the 'Continuous Story' has now been completed by Holly. Second paragraph by Charlotte.


Suddenly there was loud crash as the hedgehog hit the bin .The bin fell and narrowly missed him, he automatically curled up in his protective ball.  “Prickles! We have a spy case on our hands, we can’t have you rolling into bins!” shouted Agent Shortsight. Giggling loudly and uncurling himself, Prickles said, “You are only jealous because you are a mole and you can’t do it!” Ricardo Prickles was the best spy the world has ever known .He always wore a black suit with a white shirt and a black leather bow tie. He was a very smart spy.


Meanwhile, shouting from over the hill was Edwardo the hedgehog, who always got himself into a pickle! But this time he had got himself in much more than a pickle, he got himself into a matter of life or death!  Suddenly a huge boulder was rolling down the hill towards him …. He ran as fast as he could,  rolled himself into a ball and went straight into a ditch which got him out of the way! “Just in time” he cried! The question, he wondered, was where did that boulder come from and who pushed it towards me? Edwardo is Ricardo Prickles twin brother – he is always getting himself into trouble, unlike Ricardo

An amazing report Will. You have included lots of interesting information.

This was a very interesting report Will on Bumble Bees.

Well done Cora.

Thank you for sending updates and photographs. Keep them coming.