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"Go, shine in the world and live as Jesus lived." (Matthew 5: 14-16)

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Our work from home...

We would love to see some of the amazing work that you are completing whilst at home! If you would like to send in some projects or work that you have completed, please email your teacher via the school office!


13.7.20 Keep checking out the wonderful work which I am receiving.

1.7.20 More impressive work for you to enjoy. Olivia has sent me a super document crammed full with information about seasonal food, it's so big I can't upload it, sorry. We will look at it next week.

17.6.20 Two super leaflets from Olivia and Kota. Well done.

16.6.20 Here is some more work for you all to share and enjoy.

21.05.20 Andrew's Digital Footprint!

19.5.20. Here is another wonderful selection of work. Some super work on Water Cycles also to be found on the Purple Mash display board, please take a look.

13.5.20. Two more lovely pictures, it is a shame we are not at school as they would make a super display.

12.5.20 Good afternoon Year 4. These colourful pictures have brightened up a grey day, thank you.

7.5. 20. Last pieces of work for this week, so enjoy them everybody, they are super. Have a lovely long weekend. x

6.5.20 Thank you Year 4. Your letters really make me smile! Great to see some fantastic Adverbial work too!

4.5.20. Some super letters. I have taken off the addresses, sorry, I should have asked you to make an address up rather than use your real one! Have a lovely day.

30.4.20. Thank you all for your project work. Please take a look on the class board on Purple Mash to see all your super work.

29.4.20. Hi Year 4! Hope that you have a great day, I've had a lovely day looking at all your work, thank you.

24.4.20. Happy Weekend everybody! Thank you all for your hard work this week. Have fun and stay safe.

22.4.20 Lovely to see some examples of book work. I will post a small selection of these daily. Don't forget to look at the Sharing display on Purple Mash and search in the Year 4 folder.

17.4.20. Hello again Year 4. Lots of you have been busy with Easter activities these last few days. I hope you are all managing to take a peek at the super work which has been sent in.

16.4.20. Good morning year 4. Hope you are all happy and safe. Here are some more of your friends super work for you to enjoy. Have a lovely day and take care.

15.4.20. Well done year 4. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you to all the mums and dads who are helping too, taking photos, writing emails, uploading pictures and sorting out IT problems. You are all very much appreciated. I miss you all and hope that you are staying safe. Take care.

Here we ago for another lovely week. Super work already here to share with you. Well done to Kota for being the first pupil to complete his Easter egg! Take care all of you please.

9.4.20 A few more lovely pieces of work. I'm eggs-tatic!

8.4.20 Lots of eggs-cellent work arriving! Thank you for the lovely pictures. Hope you are all enjoying the sun!

7.4.20 Tuesday already! Here are some more amazing pieces of work. Thank you all for working so hard and to your parents for helping you to send them into school. Take care all of you.

Here are some of your friends work. Well done to Charlie, Kota and Luke for their amazing Olympic Games work. To Zach for his very interesting diary entry and Oliver L for his super work on the River Nile. Thank you too to Lola for the picture of Poppy which made me smile. smiley


Well done to all of you for some fantastic work. Here are some examples from your class friends.

Super work again from Olivia, a well presented diary entry. 

An amazing account of the Ancient Greek Olympic Games from Oliver L

An informative E-safty poster by Imogen.