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"Go, shine in the world and live as Jesus lived." (Matthew 5: 14-16)

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Our work from home...

We would love to see some of the amazing work that you are completing whilst at home! If you would like to send in some projects or work that you have completed, please email your teacher via the school office! 


Judah and Jessica W have been working hard on their book reviews at home. It looks like you really enjoyed the books you have read. Well done!

Harley has combined his pointillism work with a fantastic fact book about tortoises. It looks amazing, Harley!

Benjamin has also been working hard on his tortoise flip book, plus he has been inspired by our pointillism work to produce this piece titled 'Man caught in a paintball fight' - it's very creative Benjamin!

Phoebe has really enjoyed learning about tortoises and has also created some lovely pointillism artwork!

Jessica W's e-safety poster is amazing - it even has lift up flaps and the envelope at the front has little cards about which devices you can make in-app purchases on!

Harley has worked really hard on his plastic pollution booklet, it must have taken you a very long time Harley - well done!

Well done Benjamin, another fantastic booklet about plastic pollution! Great work!

Wow, Harley, what a fantastic piece of artwork using pointillism - you have worked very hard on this!

Gabriella and Jessie have produced some super pieces of artwork using the pointillism technique!

Well done Jessica W, you have worked really hard on your booklet about plastic pollution!

Well done Jessica W, your e-safety poster is brilliant - so bright and with so much information too!

We love the subject choice for your Venn diagram, Tommy!

Wow Alex and Benjamin - you have both been working hard on your extended writes about Roald Dahl!

Emily has been working hard too! Click on the documents below to check out her work on Roald Dahl and her super acrostic poem!

Lots of you have been working really hard on your Roald Dahl research - here are some brilliant examples from Harry, Hollie, Jessica W & Gabriella

Just a few examples of our fantastic pirate poems from Purple Mash! Thank you to Rosa, Judah, Jessie, Phoebe, Jessica W and Emmie-Louise!

Theodore is working really hard on his poetry too - here is his Pirate poem. Arrrrrr!

Benjamin is really enjoying our poetry topic and we are really enjoying reading them all Benjamin! What a super onomatopoeia poem!

Wow Judah, this Israeli chocolate challah bread looks delicious!

A brilliant acrostic poem from Theodore, using his name as the letters down the side!

More super acrostic poems - well done Rosa (on the left) and Alex (on the right)!

We were thrilled by the quality of the Dinosaur Simile work this week. Well done to everyone who submitted this through Purple Mash - can you spot yours? Thank you to Benjamin, Eilidh, Emily, Evie, Gabriella, Harry, Hollie, Isla, Jack, Jessica W, Jessie, Judah, Lily, Marcus, Nathan, Neve, Rosa, Theodore, Tommy and William

Phoebe's alliteration work

Great alliterative phrases Rosa.yes
Jessica is looking forward to Christmas already. We loved your poem Jessica.
Thank you for sending in your alliteration work Benjamin.
A great acrostic poem Benjamin. Fingers crossed we can go to the beach in the sunshine this summer!
Great to see you working hard and having fun outdoors Rosa!
We enjoyed reading your alliteration work Jessica.
Thank you for your great haiku poem Jessica.yes
Here's Judah's acrostic poem - SQUIRREL. We love it Judah.smiley
Thank you Benjamin and Alex for your Haiku poems.smiley
Thank you for your photos Marcus, you've been busy. It's lovely to see that so many of you are trying out the science experiments at home.
 Alex started planting meadow flower seeds and sunflower seeds at the beginning of May - and look at them now!!! Alex, you have very green fingers. Here are before and after pictures.smiley
Judah and Tommy had fun writing their Haiku Poems. Well done boys!
Phoebe and Tommy have been busy. Great science work!
Theodore has been very busy producing stop motion videos. Here's one to remind you to wash your hands carefully. Amazing Theodore! 

Lego City Wash Your Hands -Stop the Virus

Two comedy guys teaching us how to wash our hands, like we don't know how to do that already, right! Watch out for the entertaining twist at the end. Robber ...

This is a great story Alex! What if there were no trees, plants or flowers?
Theodore has been having great fun! This looks amazing Theodore.smiley

Lego Stop Motion - The Race

The Race - Lego Stop Motion - but it got a little out of hand, did the undercover villain get away?

You obviously had great fun on VE Day Jessie!yes

Benjamin also enjoyed VE Day and did some baking!

We love your story Benjamin - 'What if there was no gravity in my house?'

Thank you for sending in your beautiful poppy painting Jessica. You are very creative.

We can see that you were also very busy baking for VE Day celebrations.smiley

WOW Judah! You've been busy again. Judah's story is called TWEAK - it's about something exciting that happened one sunny Wednesday afternoon ...
It's great to see that you've been enjoying your maths work Evie and Isla! smiley
What a great idea for your 'What if...' story Rosa. What if I could change into any animal?
Emily and her sister have some beautiful butterflies in their garden. smiley
Thank you for your plant experiments Eilidh and Rosa!
We enjoyed your Magic Pencil story Jessica.
You are being very busy Alex. I wonder what you are growing?
We loved reading your story William smileyyes
We loved your story Rosa. Great illustrations too!
Thank you for sending in your story Jessica. We know you love writing stories! smiley
Thank you for sending in your science work Benjamin.
Wow Judah! You have obviously loved the writing task and have produced an epic story.
Wow Jessica! Jessica has been doing some art work with her family. We love your colourful elephant.smiley
Your story sounds exciting Alice! We can't wait to read 'The Way to Freedom'.
We are pleased to see that the cress and radish seeds you planted are beginning to grow Benjamin. Thank you for your great story too, it's all about Frog's adventure!
We loved your story Eilidh, you even included chapters in your work!

Thank you for sending in your work Nathan. smiley 'The Frog's Daydream' and some great science work too!


What a great story Marcus. What is this frog daydreaming about?
We are please you are enjoying the maths work Jack.
We loved seeing your story Theodore, ' Fampoo the Frog', and we are pleased to see that you are still enjoying your science activities!
Your story sounds exciting Gabriella! 'The wonderful door'. 
Careful measuring work Phoebe.
You've been busy Emmie!wink

Some fantastic science work again today. Lots of you including some really detailed descriptions about what a plant needs to grow and WHY! Here are a few examples from Benjamin, Eilidh, Gabriella, Harley, Jack, Jessie & Judah!

We've been excited to see all the work you've been sending in about our PLANTS topic Class 3. You are obviously really enjoying it!wink


Here's some of the work Eilidh has been doing at home. 

Thank you for your photo Harry and your plants work Isla and Tommy.
Theodore has been planting some sunflower seeds and growing radishes.
Benjamin has also been enjoying this work. He's been planting seeds and looking carefully at the parts of a plant.

Thank you for sending in your stories Class 3. We love your titles and can't wait to share them when we are back in school.


'The day my wish came true' by Jessica.

'Sophia and the secret door', by Sophia.
You've been busy Jaya!  'The Tiny Door'.
Great work Alex. 'The Magic Door'.
Emily's story is called, 'Secret World'.
You are really going to enjoy our PLANT topic Jessica . We can see that you have green fingers!
We enjoyed your prepositions work Alice, Jack, Phoebe and Rosa.

Jessica - you have been the perimeter queen this week! Amazing maths and super work ethic!

Great work on the Digital Footprint posters today. You all have a really clear idea about what a digital footprint is and why we need to be careful online. Here are some great examples of work from Emily, Jack, Phoebe and Sophia!

Marcus has been planting seeds. Look how much they've grown!
Thank you for sending in your work Phoebe. smiley
You've been very busy Judah. I bet you've been doing lots of art too!
We enjoyed your prepositions work. Thank you Benjamin and Tommy.

I'm so pleased to see so many of you take on the extra challenge in science. Here are just a few examples of the excellent work you have produced. Thanks to Benjamin, Jessie, Jessica W, Lily, Neve & Tommy!

Wow, Alex, you've been working so hard!

Thank you for showing us your work Tommy.

Theodore has been doing lots of science experiments at home with his brother.

This looks exciting Theodore!

We enjoyed your Minecraft review Theodore.
You've been busy Jack yes
We love seeing all your work. Thank you Jessica  for sending yours in.
You've been very creative Tommy. Look at the bee house Tommy has made!

You have all been learning lots about the Bronze Age Class 3.

Here's Rosa's work.

Thank you for sending in your work Alicewink
It's lovely to see so many of you baking at home. Here's Harry making bread for his family.
We enjoyed reading your work Jessie, thank you for sharing it with us.

Alice and her sister have been very busy today creating a Covid-Cache (which is a bit like a treasure hunt!). They have left painted rocks in lots of places for people to find - one of those places looks very familiar!

Here is the map along with some clues - if you find one make sure you take a picture!

You have been very creative Hollie. Your amazing cakes look very professional.laugh Looks like you've been having a great time!
Wow Emmie, you've been busy. Your work is packed full of interesting information.
You have been a star baker Alex, they look DELICIOUS!
Alex, you have been very, very busy! We loved reading your work about the Bronze Age.

We really enjoyed reading about your week at home William. You have even given us instructions about making a raised bed to grow our own vegetables!

You are obviously having a lovely time in your garden William.smiley

We loved your All About Bees power point Sophia. You have been very busy and have included lots of interesting information and great pictures. We think you had fun preparing this Sophia!
We enjoyed reading about your week Judah and seeing your wonderful art work!
Lovely work Jaya. You've been busy.
Emmie, you have been very busy. You'll have to tell us all about the experiment you are doing when we're back in school. 
Great shadow work Eilidh.
Benjamin, you look like you are having a great time with your bubble making kit.yes


Still image for this video

Some excellent e-safety posters produced yesterday. Here are some examples from: Hollie, Marcus, Lily and Jaya!

As well as working hard with his daily tasks, Theodore has also had fun getting creative and using his skills in drawing to create these Disney character. Amazing!

Great shadow work too Theodore!

Tommy had lots of fun making this Easter chick and we were thrilled to read the writing about your week. We are so proud, Tommy!

Wow, Phoebe! Nothing will stop your gymnastics practise! We are thrilled to see your fractions and spelling work too. Keep up the good work!

Jessica has been busy with her super writing, great shadow work AND she's found time to get crafty too! We love the butterfly, Jessica!

Great shadow work, Isla! We can see you are working super hard on your handwriting. I'm glad the lack of swimming pools isn't stopping your swimming practise!

Benjamin has been working really hard on his fractions and his writing. Great work, Benjamin!

We are so thrilled by the amazing science work we have been sent today.

Well done to you all!

Freddie explained what is happening in his shadow show below: Both of the football players tried getting the ball and the bigger player got the ball. In the second picture the smaller one slide tackled the bigger player and got a yellow card from the referee in the last one. Amazing work Freddie!

Check out Harley's 'Shadow Show' video below - lovely use of your hands to create shadows, Harley!

Still image for this video

Fantastic shadow drawing, Tommy!

Great work, Benjamin!

Wow, Jessie - you've been busy. Great work and still time to do some yummy baking!

Amazing work, Marcus. Looking forward to solving your word search when we are back in school!

We really enjoyed reading about your week, Marcus. It looks like you've had lots of fun at home and it's very exciting that you get to celebrate your birthday twice!

Wow, we have had lots of work sent in to us over the past day. We are thrilled to see how hard you are working! laugh

Great work on spellings and grammar, Judah!

Wow, Rosa, you have been busy!

Thanks Alice for typing up your writing challenge - it's great to see you using computing skills too!

Here are some more examples of your fantastic writing! Thanks to Eilidh, Gabriella, Rosa and Theodore for sending these in.

Jessica W has been working hard and getting crafty!

Jessica DS and Jessica W have done some great work on the bee project at home!

Harry and Alex have been working hard on their writing today. Well done boys!

We have been blown away by some of the Amesbury Archer reports you have created on Purple Mash. Here are some examples below... Great work, Year 3!