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"Go, shine in the world and live as Jesus lived." (Matthew 5: 14-16)

'Work together, Aim High, Shine Bright'

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Year 6

I can't believe there are only 5 weeks left until you become high school students! Where has this year gone?


Year 6 have been working incredibly hard revising for the SATS tests coming up on 28th June and I am so proud of all of the hard work and effort that they have put in! Well done Year 6!


They have also been working hard in their English writing lessons looking at the book, Skychasers which they are already really enjoying. In history, they have started their Ancient Greek topic and already the children are really enjoying taking part in this and gaining understanding about how the Greeks helped to develop democracy.


Above all- we are well underway with our Leaver's celebrations for this year. Rehearsals for the production have started and Mrs Webster is so pleased with the progress so far which is great to hear! We also have rehearsals planned in for the Church Service and Assembly- all of which will be recorded so you can watch them time and time again!


Bridgewater have also confirmed they will be doing a virtual transition day again which we can all look at together as a class! 


I think it is certainly going to be a very fast term!


Any questions, just ask!


Mrs Hazeldine and Mrs Smith 

Wow- what a fantastic start that you have had coming back to school. Already you have completed so many PE, well-being and art activities and you have settled back into school life incredibly well- well done Year 6! 


Year 6 have also been working incredibly hard catching up on their learning. This week they have started their ratio and proportion topic and have been really pushing themselves with this really tricky area of maths! Next week- algebra. I think that you have nothing to worry about! 


They have also been doing some fantastic pieces of writing in English too! Year 6 have been reading the book, Island, A Story of the Galapagos! I also think that the children have enjoyed learning about evolution and natural selection and they are already excited to take this learning further in science next term. 


We still have so many more exciting activities to look forward to this term! We have our Easter experience, Spiritual development afternoon, lots more art and craft and wellbeing activities as well! 


A big well done Year 6! 


And remember- keep working together, aiming high and shining bright! 



Hello Year 6! Well done for getting used to life on Teams- you have been working really hard! I have uploaded the timetable here for you to follow so you know when to log on to your calls and complete your work!

Hello Year 6,


Well done on your first full week back! You have worked really hard and I am proud of you. Be sure to hand your homework in on Monday if you haven't done so already! 


I know that some of you are at home and are waiting to come back into school. If this is the case, I have listed below some websites and activities that you may find useful in order to access work at home!




If you missed work on Friday, I have added below some useful activities and tasks. 

WWF report (for Geography research)

I hope that you all enjoyed your first day back! I know that I certainly did! 


Remember that I have asked for you to write down some notes in chronological order for you to include in an autobiography you will be writing in school. Remember that you can include whatever you want in this, it is your choice what you want to share! This is due in on Monday 7th September. 


I have also uploaded your topic homework and handed it out. It is linked to our Protecting our Environment! There are different options to pick from or if you have another idea you would like to do that is fine too! Enjoy! 

Welcome Back!


Hello Year 6! 


I hope you all had an amazing summer! I know that it certainly went really fast! I also hope that you are ready and raring to go, ready for your last year in primary school! 


We have a really exciting (and hopefully more normal) year ahead of us! We have so many exciting topics to look at including The Impact of War, Our Environment, South America and the Rainforest and Mayan Civilisation. In science we have exciting topics including Light and How we See, Electricity, The Human Body and many more. 


You certainly have an exciting final year to look forward to! 


I have uploaded some documents for you to read through, a curriculum newsletter outlining what we will be doing over this term, and also a welcome letter, explaining a little bit more about rules and routines in Year 6!


Remember as always, any questions please let me know! 


Mrs Hazeldine