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"Go, shine in the world and live as Jesus lived." (Matthew 5: 14-16)

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Year 5

Wow - where did this year get to? Only 7 weeks left in year 5, soon to be year 6! We have loads of exciting things that will be happening this term, slime science, class assembly, sports day and Oh What a Knight. to name a few things. Certainly it will be a jam packed term.


We will be looking at Ancient Civilisations - China and we will continue with our Maya topic. In science children will be looking at adaptation and hopefully we will be getting outside in the lovely weather to assist us with this topic!


As part of literacy lessons we will be writing letters and compiling information for holiday brochures about Xi'an in China as part of connecting classrooms - already the children have been discussing what they know already about China which is brilliant - I can't wait to research this topic further!



Welcome back to school for the Summer Term...

We, once again, have loads of exciting things to offer. Starting straight away with a performance from Manchester Actors Company about the Tales from King Arthur.


As well as this, news is spreading about some certain creatures that will be entering school next week... I wonder what they could be?


In history and geography we will be starting our Mayan topic which myself and the children are very excited about!


Our back to school service will be on Friday so it will be great to see lots of smiling faces there at the end of a busy first week back!



World Book Morning

And the winner is ...


Watch out puppies!



Some fantastic outfits! Now for a quick change into Young Voices!


Check out the games below and have a look at some of the science interactive resources we have to offer.

It has been lovely to see so many faces at Parents Evening and it is great to share how well the children in Class 5 are doing - well done Class 5! Looking forward to Wednesday. Also, we can't wait for Young Voices! We have been working hard learning the songs and practising our moves! Pictures to follow!



Spring 2 2015

Welcome back! It is lovely to see lots of happy faces and it has been great listening to all of the interesting things you have been up to over the holiday!

Wow! Also, It is brilliant to see the sun shining outside!


We are looking at some fabulous topics this term. We will be continuing with our rivers and mountain topic, with a focus on volcanoes. Of which we have some wonderful home made examples! Well done. In science the focus will be on lifecycles. And above all, we have a busy few weeks working on our singing voices and dance moves for Young Voices ... an exciting couple of weeks ahead!





Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! It sounds like lots of people have been up to some lovely things! Thank you again for the lovely gifts.


We have had a nice few days back doing some maths and literacy. We have also had fun this afternoon planning some drama activities in preperation for our class assembly in a few weeks time.


We can't wait!



Friday 19th December

What another wonderful half term! Some super topics have been covered and you have all worked hard on your moving toys! Well done, you should be very proud of yourselves!


Thank you so much for the lovely cards and gifts. I certainly will be spending a lot of the Christmas holiday shopping and eating! Thank you! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Come back well rested ready to have a look at the exciting new topics we are going to cover!


Thank you Class 5 for such an enjoyable term, see you in 2015!



Friday 24th October

Wow! What a half term - our residential, lots of dancing, art activities, sports festivals, Harvest service and lots more! The Children brought in some great home learning and have really got into the various topics! We have had a lot of fun over the last few weeks and I am sure that everyone needs a well deserved rest!


Well done on a great half term Class 5, we have lots of exciting things to look forward to when you return back! Enjoy your holiday!




Wednesday 15th October

We have had a lovely morning at the Sports Festival. We all were very excited to join in and work with the other schools completing various sporting activities like balancing tennis balls and hockey drills! It was great fun and we have made lots of new friends!



Tattenhall Residential - 8th - 10th October


Our theme for the primary Arts Network this year is 'One Touch of Nature'. Whilst we are at Tattenhall we will be learning dances, doing our own art work and finding out about art in nature... and, of course, we'll be having fun!


We arrived safely and have been busy creating fantastic art work and dance already! Some of us have been making an Andy Goldsworthy piece of art ... see the photos on the sub page below.


Miss Hazeldine will be adding to our blog later ... she can't get into the laptop at the moment because her hands are currently covered in Brusho...!


19:30 - We are just finishing off in the Art Room (Miss Hazeldine is still enjoying the Brusho experience!) and getting ready to watch the 'Bake Off' Final ... We can't wait!


22:00 - Well... Congratulations to Nancy! We were cheering her on from the Social Area! All drifting off to sleep now ... and Miss Hazeldine will too when she finally gets her hands clean!



The children have told us what their highlights of today were ... including making clay tiles, playing on the field, maing an 'apple' from apples (Andy Goldsworthy style) and traversing the climbing wall without touching the red grips.


Their hopes for tomorrow include eating a great breakfast, enjoying dance with Jacqui and more art work ... and we all hope Miss Hazeldine enjoys more Brusho!


We will keep you posted!

Good Night!


Thursday 9th AM


It is safe to say that everybody is full after our two course breakfast! Just what we needed after a late night ... and early morning! Yum!


We have been getting stuck in with our Art 'one touch of nature' topic again this morning, creating more Brusho pieces and also completing some leaf rubbings - they are looking great!


Also another dance is being taught to a second group of children which is looking fabulous, they have worked hard and they are definitely working up an appetite ready for lunch!



Friday - We spend the morning rehearsing our 'Winter' performance, packed our bags and set off for our return to school. We arrived back to school safely - a fantastic residential! Well done Year 5!



A message from Miss Hazeldine - September 2014

Hello and welcome back to school! I hope that you had a wonderful summer holiday and you are excited about starting your new term!


There are lots of topics we are going to be looking at this year, starting with World War II, which has sparked off lots of interest already! Also our space topic in Science which we can't wait to get in to. As well as this we have lots of other exciting areas to look at! To find out more information about this please look at the Curriculum Newsletter.


A subject that you may already be familiar with is GAPS. This stands for grammar, punctuation and spelling, These lessons will take place once a week and will focus on the grammer side of things!


Another really exciting event that we have to look forward to is our residential to Tattonhall, taking place in a few weeks time. This I can't wait for an I'm sure you can't too! There will be more information about this to follow.


Homework will be a similar set up to last year, except for the additional piece of GAPS homework. One piece of homework each week will be an interactive activity to be completed. Links will be provided each week on our Year 5 class page.


I hope that everybody settles in well over the next few weeks, and we certainly have a lovely term ahead to help that happen. Please if anyone has any questions or anything they are concerned about let me know!


Miss Hazeldine

Watch us perform at Young Voices

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