St Matthew's C of E

Primary School

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WB 30.3.20

Wednesday 1st April


Good Morning!

Here is today’s home learning:


Maths - please complete another worksheet in your individual maths pack.  Ask an adult for support if you find it a little tricky.


Reading - please read one of your Active Learn books for at least 10 minutes and use the illustrations to answer any questions your parents/carers may ask you about the book.


E-Safety – Please look at the E-safety page on our school website.  Make sure you spend 10 minutes each week discussing/thinking about how to stay safe online.

Tuesday 31st March


Today’s Home Learning:

Purple Mash Activity – we have listened to and written the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’.  This activity requires you write a few words in the speech bubbles for what each character in the story might be saying.  This activity is set as a ‘2do’ at the top of the page……enjoy!                                                                                    Please complete by Tuesday 7th April


Reading - please read one of your Active Learn books that has been allocated to your file for 10 minutes.....don't forget the 'Bug' quizzes.

Monday 30th March


Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. 


Here is your work for today:


Communication & Language – Let’s have some fun!  Ask your family to join you playing school.  Follow the instructions on the attached activity sheet and then complete the writing part.


Reading – please read one of your Active Learn books and talk about the book with your parent/carer.  Discuss what you liked about the book etc.  Don't forget to look out for the 'bug' at the top of the pages and answer the comprehension questions.