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The Dinosaur Dome came to school!

The Dinosaur Dome was incredible ... and this is what you all had to say:-

"I felt like T-Rex was going to eat me!"
"I loved the bit when the man showed us the shooting stars."
"I think it was cool because he speeded up the film."

You used words like "amazing", "awesome", "fantastic", "marvellous", "brilliant".

You explained, "It was so atmospheric, you really felt like you were in there soaring with the dinosaurs.  It was amazing; we learnt so much about dinosaurs and we love the experience.  A few of my friends were very scar, but I loved every moment!"

You told me that, " Inside the dome you felt like you were back in prehistoric times and as though you were the people who lived then."

It was simply, "The best thing that ever happened to me!"

What a great day we had! 

P.S.   Mrs Fryman loved it too ... even though she had to hold the dinosaur poo!   (Don't worry though - it was a very old fossil)

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