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We are looking forward to Walking Day on Saturday 20th July ... Church Service is at 11:00 am, followed by Walk of Witness and the School Fair opens at 1:00 pm... please join us if you can!

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Chick Diary

Our Chicks


Keep up to date with our hatching chicks by reading our daily diary!

Thursday 27th April

On day 4 all of them hatched and they've all gone yellow, but still one hasn't hatched.


- Jasmin

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On day 4, one egg hasn't hatched but we are going to hold them.


- Harriet

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On day four, the last egg didn't hatch.


- Lucas

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On day 4, it didn't come out.


- Felix

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Wednesday 26th April


On day 3 the two chicks turned yellow.


- Lola

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Day 3  The chick came out of the eggs.


- Simren

Picture 1

On day 3 there were 7 chicks.


- Daniel

Picture 1

On day 3, 7 chicks have hatched.


- Betty

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Tuesday 25th April - update

We are so excited - 2 eggs have already hatched! Some children were lucky enough to see it as it happened. They are already looking very cute. We have to be very quiet so we don't scare them.

Tuesday 25th April

We came into school today to find the eggs have moved and one egg has a crack in it!

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Monday 24th April 2017

Today we received an important delivery... 8 eggs! They are being kept in an incubator and are due to hatch on Wednesday.

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