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Please come along to our E Safety talk by a PCSO on Friday15th February at 09:00 am ...the results of the children's on-line survey will be uploaded soon!

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Eco Council

Switch Off!


Eco Council's next mission is to help us to save energy both in the home and in the school to help prevent global warming. Global warming is the cause of the polar ice caps melting- causing flooding, and the cause of extreme weather conditions.


We can help by changing certain things:


Turning off the lights when no one is in the room

 Turning appliances off stand by mode which wastes electricity


To help promote this at home and in school, children have been asked to design a poster promoting saving energy.

Eco- council have been working very hard this term reminding the school about the importance of recycling. They decided to do a recycling competition where models should be made entirely out of recycled materials.


Well done to Laura and Isabel in Year 6 who won!


Also, well done to all of the runners up and to all who entered for the hard work and effort that went into making the models.


Next term we will have more of a focus on saving water and saving electricity.


Well done Eco-council for all of your hard work!

Our new ECO Council will be meeting soon to begin their ECO work in school .. if you have any ideas please let your class representatives know!

Our Eco Council

Our Eco Council  1 Our Eco Council