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Sports Events & Tournaments

St Matthew's hosted our Y2 Football Tournament ... it was won by Ravenbank...well played everyone and thank you PTA for the refreshments and thank you referees!!

Well done our Year 5 & 6 Football Team ... they won the Broomflelds Tournament this year! Congratulations!

Sports Relief March 2018

Sports Festival 17.10.17


Class 5 were invited to take part in the Year 5 sports festival at Broomfields Leisure Centre. The event was organised and ran by Year 10/11 students as part of their sports leaders course. The children took part in different games and events are were awarded points. Well done to all classes who took part, we had a great time! 

Well done Year 2 Football Team - you played really well together and were great hosts at our Tournament!

Sports' Day at St Matthews opened with gymnastics, karate and dance ... and was followed by great sportmanship and competitions. Well done everyone!

Year 6 were brilliant sports' leaders and organised our Sports' Relief event with Dave.

Year 6 organised an event for Sports' Relief.. we raised over £2000!