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Spiritual Afternoon - November 2020

Spiritual Development – Self


Spiritual learners become increasingly aware of the concept of self – the inner person and the way that this shapes an individual’s perception of themselves as a unique human being. Spiritual learners reflect on the relationship that they have with their sense of being a unique person.



What does this involve?


  • Awareness of feelings; ability to reflect and express
  • Awareness of our uniqueness; happiness with who we are
  • Gratitude for the things we have and the person we are
  • Exploration of personal faith
  • Development of imagination and creativity


Class 2 read the book 'When God Made The World'. The children designed stones which represented things in the world that make them happy. We thought about what 'material' things are and discussed if these truly make us happy on the inside. Some of the things that make us happy include our friends, family, being kind, aiming high in all that we do and always trying our best! 


The children in Class 1 had lots of thoughtful ideas about knowing right from wrong and why we are all special. They read to book 'Happy in Our Skin' and reflected on what makes them special as individuals. 




Class 6 reflected on the question; Does more mean being happier? They shared lots of thoughtful contributions about what makes them truly happy. 




In Class 5, the children thought about where their identity comes from and what makes them special and unique. This included hobbies that the children enjoy, aspirations for the future and what/who inspires them!