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Small Steps - Our Peace Centre Project

Small Steps Project 


The project is based on the children’s book “Good Can Come From Evil”, which relates to the two boys who were killed in the Warrington bombing in 1993 and aims to introduce the ideas of conflict resolution to children at an early age. Staff from the Peace Centre will work with our children on activities which include:


  • Exercises which help young people to enhance their understanding of conflict resolution
  • Dialogue with each other including controversial issues of prejudice and discrimination
  • Resources which will help children to continue conversations around violence and peaceful conflict resolution

Project Boards display the children's thinking as they work through the Small Steps Project.

After they had learnt about the Small Steps project themselves, they planned activities for the rest of the school.

All the children enjoyed being 'taught' by groups of Year 6 - it was a brilliant afternoon (as you can see!).

Watch Miss Hazeldine's Presentation of Year 6 teaching in their groups - you were BRILLIANT Year 6!

Year 6 have really enjoyed taking part in the Peace Centre Project (Small Steps).


This is what they had to say...


"It makes people communicate and be active."

"It helps us to stop arguments."

"It helps children and adults because it teaches us new things and it helps us solve situations."

"It allows children to learn about peace and how to deal with conflict."

"It helps children understand what conflict can cause and it builds up an extra quality education."

"It was fun and education and you can solve your problems by communication."

"It helps children resolve conflict and helps people who will be able to communicate better."

"Small steps is a fun learning experience and, rather than a book, it is a physical activity and teaches you to resolve your own problems instead of forcing conflict."

"It has worked for me because now if I have an argument with my sister I now know how to solve it and what to do."

"It will help lots of people to understand that you don’t just need to think about yourself."

"It helps people solve conflict."

"Now I have less arguments with my family members."

"It helps us learn about conflict resolution."

"It has been a great experience talking about personal things."

"It helps children and ourselves to understand conflicts using communication and realise there are two sides to every story."

"If someone was upset we know how to resolve it and make peace."

Parents have been invited to the Graduation Ceremony...






Welcome to the graduation    






Certificate presentation & photographs


Group photographs



The Graduation Ceremony today was very moving. This is what Year 6 had to say ...


"I liked how today we went individually in front of different schools because everyone clapped for everyone separately, which was really nice."


"I enjoyed the Peace Centre and Colin and Wendy were really enjoyable to listen to."


"Small Steps overall is a fun learning experience, filled with many opportunities.  Instead of forcing us to stop conflict they teach us to embrace things we can't fix."


"I really enjoyed the role play and when we all got our graduation certificates.  Wendy and Colin were very nice and Colin was also quite funny."


"I liked how when they came to St Matthew's they got us  all involved."


"I was really happy when I shook Colin's hand and collected my certificate.  It made me feel special."


"My favourite part was when they did the role play because it was really funny at some parts and they were really good at acting."


"My favourite bit was when Jess and John did the role play about an apple thief."


"I learned that it was Wendy's idea to start the Peace Centre and I enjoyed the graduations."


"I enjoyed the bit where we got the gowns and got the certificate."


"It was an amazing experience and I think that Colin and Wendy are great role-models to everyone!"


"I loved the way Colin and Wendy let us ask private questions about Tim.  It must have been really sad for them."


"I hope that Colin Parry and Wendy Parry get on all the way through their life peacefully and I wish them luck for the future."



The Graduation Ceremony at the Peace Centre