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Our School Development Plans

St Matthew’s CE Primary School provides an attractive and stimulating environment which has a warm atmosphere where children feel secure and happy. The School’s main purpose is to develop each child’s full potential in all areas, irrespective of race, religion, ability or gender, through the highest quality of teaching and learning. We endeavour to provide the best in all aspects of school life through the care, investment and value we place on all staff, pupils and parents.


St Matthew’s CE Primary School is a caring Church of England school, enthusiastic for everyone’s success. 

Our aims are:-

•for every child to be happy and successful

•to have high expectations for each member of the school community

•to model a strong moral code



Key Improvement Priorities

  • Priority 1 – Quality of Teaching and Learning …

    • We will continue to focus on;

      • maintaining and improving the standards of achievement by the end of KS1 and KS2 in order that the vast majority of children are ‘end of year ready’ and continue to make good or outstanding progress

      • improving the quality of teaching so that it is at least good and a greater percentage is outstanding

      • improving the quality of assessment

      • the actions required to improve further recommended by Ofsted following their Inspection in May 2015 Continue to establish opportunities for staff to share their excellent practice, both within their own school and with other schools in the local area.


  • Priority 2 – Quality of Assessment

    • To more effectively target interventions and support to ensure consistency of progress and learning for all children and especially for individual children who have learning challenges. 

    • Work effectively with individual class teachers, using the new frameworks to identify the gaps in learning for all children.

    • Provide targeted learning opportunities for groups or individuals to ensure progress is taking place.

    • Target interventions and evaluate impact on a half termly basis so that changes may be made for greater impact on learning.

    • On evaluation, change the input or method of delivery where necessary to ensure accelerated learning/impact is improving the learning opportunities for the individual children involved .

    • Have clear, accurate and detailed tracking in place to measure the progress being made.

    • To further develop cohort plans were groups need to be targeted.

    • Regularly review progress and identify other areas where gaps in knowledge/learning are identified.

    • Ensure that individual progress as well as whole class is a focus for all teachers. 


  • Priority 3 – A whole School focus on Emotional well-being
    • ​​​​​​​A) ADOPT WHOLE-SCHOOL THINKING • Use a ‘whole school approach’, which ensures that all parts of the school organisation work coherently together. •
    • Provide a solid base of positive universal work to promote well-being and help prevent problems.
    • Develop a supportive school and classroom climate and ethos which build a sense of connectedness, focus and purpose, the acceptance of emotion and vulnerability, warm relationships and the celebration of difference.


At St Matthew’s CE Primary School we are committed to ensuring equality of education and opportunity for all children.  In line with the specific duties which must be in place for schools and local authorities we have collected a range of information showing how we are meeting the three aims of the Equality Act 2010 to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations in relation to age (as appropriate), disability, ethnicity, gender (including issues of transgender, and of maternity and pregnancy), religion and belief, and sexual identity .


To find further detail about what we have planned for 2017-2020 please download our School Development Plan.

School Development Plan 2017-2020