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What we have been working on in science!


As a school, we have been spending a lot of time ensuring that the children are working scientifically in lessons by completing lots of experiments in all year groups. This ensures that children are developing the practical skills needed in every day life and above all, developing a love of science! 


Already this year, Year 1 have conducted a science experiment thinking about using sense of hearing to decide which sounds travel the furthest. Year 2 have been making predictions about what the best conditions are for seeds to be planted in in order for them to grow. Year 3 have been testing and investigating sources of light around school and have created bar charts displaying their findings. Year 4 have been investigating living things and habitats in the playground. Year 5 have been finding out about and exploring space and Year 6 have been creating classification keys and completing experiments about finding out how we know that yeast is a living organism! 


I know that there are certainly many more opportunities for the children to be working scientifically already planned in. 


We asked children what a scientist is and this is what the children said:


"Scientists try to find answers to questions about the world and the universe."


"Science is about finding out life- long questions."



What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our science curriculum here.

Science Curriculum Statement


Science at St Matthew’s provides the foundations for understanding the world by building a body of key scientific concepts through teaching. All learners are taught essential aspects of knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science across all year groups and they are encouraged to develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about our natural world whilst being taught the skills to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave and how to analyse findings.


Through teaching and learning, we intend to ‘work scientifically’ with all pupils. This specifies the understanding of the nature processes and methods of science for each year group. It should focus on the key features of scientific enquiry, which includes observing, seeking patterns, identifying, classifying and grouping, and comparative and fair testing. Children are encouraged to be responsible and independent when carrying out experiments in order to expand their skills and to challenge themselves with higher order thinking questions.


Teachers will use termly assessments to measure the impact of our teaching and to address misconceptions in pupil’s learning in order to plan for future lessons. Throughout the year, teachers will make a judgement about the work of each pupil in relation to the skills that they have developed in line with the national curriculum.