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POEM or PRAYER (Thankfulness)

Christian YR's Prayer of Thankfulness

Isabella's Prayer of Thankfulness Y2

Mrs Clarke's Poem - Can you guess what it is about?


Who am I?

There are over two hundred different types of me,

I’m large, fat and furry, I think you’d agree.

My colour is black, with yellow, cream or red,

In countryside or gardens, I make my bed.


In spring you will see me on warm sunny days,

Building my nest, I’m the best Queen, always!

I live underground or in cracks in a wall,

Not really a buzz, but a drone is my call.


I collect pollen and nectar from flowers that I see,

Making just enough honey for my grubs and for me,

I don’t usually sting, unless I am cross,

But my habitat is going, which is a great loss!


So who am I? Do you think you might know?

Have a few guesses, give it a go.

I may be declining, or soon fade away,

So give me some thought at the end of the day.


I am a Bumblebee, an insect, that’s true,

But I need some help and it’s all down to you.

So plant lots of flowers and shrubs which are bright,

And give me a chance, don’t give up the fight!

Hannah Easter Competition Poem Y6

Samuel YR - Prayer

George Y1's Prayer of Thankfulness

Amelia - Prayer Y5

Just for a while....


Just for a while we spent time together

No rush, nowhere to be, no deadlines to meet, no meetings to miss


Just for a while we saw life differently

The sights, the sounds (the silence!), the colours, the people


Just for a while we took some time for ourselves

Read a book, painted nails, took a bath


Just for a while we learnt what really matters

Building spaceships out of cereal boxes, baking biscuits, dancing in the kitchen


So when life resumes its craziness and we slot back into our manic lives,

Could we do it all again?

Of course we could, but just for a while.


By Alison White

What does lock down mean for you?

Is it time on your hands or too much to do?

It's a challenge for all where ever you are

Thinking of our families near and far.


We're feeling so thankful for the space in our homes,

And also for technology on our computers and phones,

They keep us connected, we don't want to lose touch,

With all of our family that we love so much.


We hope we can let all the key workers know

We appreciate them all, we mustn't feel low,

There is so much to be thankful for,

There's hope for the future and happiness for all.