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Modern Foreign Languages

MFL Curriculum Statement


Through MFL teaching at St. Matthew’s we endeavour to inspire curiosity and foster enthusiasm for learning another language. Our intent is to give children an awareness of the way of life in other countries, to respect speakers of languages other than their own, to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and to lay the foundations for the future studies of foreign languages.


Children are taught French through topics. This enables children to focus on subject specific vocabulary.  Children are aware of the learning intentions for each year and play an active part in assessing their own learning. French learning is implemented by playing games, songs, actions, drama, stories and lots more. Children are taught about phonics and grammar and learn about the similarities and differences in English and French. The impact of our teaching means children’s understanding of French deepens in each year of language learning and they develop an appetite for discussion, detail and greater understanding.


MFL teaching and learning develops an array of transferrable skills that enhances all other parts of the curriculum.

Click on the link below to see examples of work completed and some links to help your child with their language learning.