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Welcome to the St Matthew's Christian Ethos Group homepage! 


At St Matthew’s, our ethos forms a vital part of everyday life. We believe that all our pupils should have the opportunity to develop a set of values they can use now and in the future.


To ensure Christian Values are at the forefront of each pupil’s mind, we formed an Ethos Group. Our Christian Values drive everything we do here at St Matthew’s and are embedded throughout our school to promote Christian distinctiveness.


What is an Ethos Group?

  • It supports our school in developing Christian distinctiveness.
  • It promotes our school Christian Values: friendship, kindness, love, respect, trust, forgiveness and humility.
  • We report to governors and school leaders on what we have thought about and discussed.
  • We work with other adults to develop positive working relationships.
  • Work of the Ethos Group is recorded in our School Development Plan and our meetings are minuted.


What do we do?

  • Meet regularly with to discuss aspects of our school’s commitment to our Christian ethos and values.
  • We ask pupils their opinion about our school values and worship.
  • We help plan our collective worship and take an active role in collective worship.
  • We evaluate each collective worship to ensure the adults are promoting and teaching through the Christian Values.
  • We try hard to develop our spirituality within school through weekly spiritual development activities.
  • Plan special experiences to enhance our learning in Religious Education.
  • Develop reflective areas around school – keep them fresh and updated.


Keep checking our homepage and the school's Twitter account to keep up to date with the St Matthew's Ethos Group! 


Ethos Group currently runs on Tuesday lunchtime for Y1/Y2 with Miss Hill and Wednesday lunchtime for Y5/6 with Mrs Johnstone. 

Ethos Group were a brilliant help during our Wednesday morning whole school Collective Worship! The focus of our assembly was the value of compassion. Ethos Group did a super job of retelling the story 'The Good Samaritan' and it was great to have them involved!