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Through our teaching of English at St Matthew’s, we aim to teach and develop the skills, knowledge and understanding our children will need in order to become confident and competent in exploring and using the English language.  We want them to develop a love for the English language and study it with enthusiasm, confidence and a positive attitude.


It is our intention to give our learners a variety of quality, interesting experiences, which not only enable them to see the richness and beauty of our language, but will also help them to develop their speaking and listening, reading and writing skills and use these skills confidently and independently.  In order to do this we intend to introduce the children to the many uses of our language and encourage the children to be reflective users of language, able to analyse and evaluate features of language and to discuss choices in relation to purpose and audience.


We aim to have a good implementation of a rigorous and sequential approach to the reading curriculum that develops pupils’ fluency, confidence and enjoyment in reading.  At all stages, reading attainment will be assessed and gaps in pupils knowledge and skills addressed quickly and effectively.


Without the ability to use their language accurately and effectively, our children will not make the required progress in other subject areas.  Therefore, we strive to equip our children with these skills to enable them to become literate members of our society.



Reading and phonics (EYFS, KS1 and KS2)

Our core scheme for teaching Phonics is called Read Write Inc. Phonics.


All staff are well trained to deliver high quality teaching of phonics to children who work in differentiated phonics groups each day, at their own ability level.  The teaching of phonics within St Matthew's is both systematic and synthetic which means that term by term expectations are clearly laid out for the teaching of phonics and this is reviewed and assessed regularly based upon children's learning. Specific, additional learning will take place for children who require further teaching of specific phonics sounds to ensure pupils do not fall behind. Books that children read link to phonics sounds taught to further embed the teaching and understanding of phonics. 


Children have achieved highly in phonics here, every year since phonics assessments began due to the great focus in children gaining deep understanding of both word recognition and language comprehension. 


We have a huge wealth of reading books from many schemes such as the Read Write Inc phonics, Oxford Reading Tree, Collins Big Cat, Pearson Bug Club and many others. All children have access to Active Learn, which is a range of online books which children can read and questions are asked to support children's comprehension learning. 


All classes contain libraries with free reader books appropriate to each year group where the children can select books of their choice to read. These libraries contain books linked to both fiction and non- fiction to ensure children are reading a range of age appropriate, fiction and non-fiction texts. 


Reading comprehension and guided reading takes place within each class on a daily and weekly bases in many forms: as whole class comprehension lessons, small group guided reading sessions and one-to-one reading all to ensure that children are given the opportunity to make high progress and attainment in reading and to develop a love and passion  for reading. 




The writing curriculum at St Matthew's CE Primary follows the Pathways to Write scheme of work by The Literacy Company. This provides children with a novel based approach to writing which helps to develop children's vocabulary, reading and writing skills through a mastery approach to teaching. 


The units of work and texts are high quality and engaging and children are always incredibly enthusiastic about finding out more about the texts. 


As part of English writing teaching, children learn new 'mastery keys' which are curriculum objectives that can be applied into pieces of writing. As well as this, 'feature keys' and 'gateway keys' are also taught which are objectives specific to certain genres of writing and gateway keys provide children with an opportunity to revisit previously taught curriculum objectives in order to ensure understanding. 


Pathways to Write has a large focus on vocabulary and use of this vocabulary in writing in order to ensure children gain deep and meaningful understanding of vocabulary and to ensure that they feel confident applying this vocabulary into their own writing pieces. 


At St Matthew's we ensure that children have been exposed to as many types of genres as possible to make sure children have a real depth of understanding in English writing. 


English at St Matthew's