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Helping Bereaved Families

Helping Bereaved Families Through the Time of Isolation & Lockdown


It is an unfortunate fact, that whilst we are all apart, many of school families will be touched with great sadness and loss as those they love die, due to the Corona virus.


This can be a difficult time as we would want to be a part of comforting them and helping those children to have a sense of normality to their day and we are unable to do that. 


As a school, we can, at least, share practical advice that may help parents in addressing bereavement and grief with their children.


The Childhood Bereavement Network website is a useful base that signposts to other resources that are specifically tailored to this current pandemic.

The Prayer 'Notebook'


It can feel hard to pray when we are grieving but is also a time when we can receive comfort from God.


One idea is a ‘thank you jar’ which can easily be adapted– an empty jam jar that can be filled with strips of paper on which are things that we are thankful for as we remember our loved one – they can be added to as memories flood back.


Each time you pray, you could use a strip of paper to begin the prayer and open up a conversation with God.

Online resources from the Childhood Bereavement Network


The Childhood Bereavement Network has collated a series of helpful resources to support families as they live through anxious times, either through illness or bereavement and grief, in what can be isolating circumstances.


Some of the key guidance signposted are these useful documents by Winston’s Wish:


This page shares advice on how to talk about covid-19 with children in an honest but clear way that helps them to understand the seriousness of this disease.

Should a family member become seriously ill with this disease, this page gives guidance on how to break this news to younger members of the family – again, in an honest way, that doesn’t give false promises.  This is a particularly useful guidance document that helps parents to talk openly about the death of a loved one due to this virus – and shares potential responses from the child, reassuring parents that this kind of reaction is normal.

Some really practical advice around the issue of funerals during this time ~ there’s a good suggestion of how family and friends can help children get to know their loved one in a way that many do during a eulogy at a funeral.