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Assessment in Year 2 and Year 6

SATs are Standard Assessment Tests

These are completed at the end of KS1 and at the end of KS2. They are a set of tests that report how your child has performed. 


SATS tests are:

  • a snapshot of how your child performs on a particular occasion
  • only assessing certain aspects of a subject
  • marked against specific criteria
  • a ‘summing up’ of a child’s progress at the end of a key stage (KS1 Year 2 and KS2 Year 6)


Teacher Assessment

Teacher assessment occurs when teachers assess where they believe children are at academically. Writing for KS1 and KS2 is teacher assessed over a range of different pieces of writing. Teacher assessment covers the following aspects:


  • Is on going from entry in school
  • Covers all aspects of the curriculum
  • Informs our teaching and planning of future activities
  • Informs us about your child’s understanding
  • Takes different forms (talking about work, marking work, observing children carrying out activities)
  • Is matched to ‘Age Related Expectations’  set by the DfE


When are the tests in 2021?

Key Stage 1: throughout May and June


All KS2 SATs will be held in the week beginning 11th May 2021

The tests must be taken on the scheduled days.

Key Stage 2:  Monday 10th May – Thursday 13th May


Monday 10th May

English grammar, punctuation and spelling

Paper 1: Questions

Paper 2: Spelling

Tuesday 11th May

English Reading

Wednesday 12th May


Paper 1: arithmetic

Paper 2: reasoning


Thursday 13th May


Paper 3: reasoning



Children should not go on holiday during term time and especially during these periods, or leading up to the tests.


Children in Year 2 and will be tested in English (reading & writing) & maths) and children in Year 6 will be tested in English (reading, writing, grammar & spelling) and in maths.


PLEASE REMEMBER …All children are individual! 


What we should celebrate, as parents and as teachers, is that each individual child has made progress – not necessarily focus on the level a child has attained.



(your own or someone else’s!)


Great Websites!


BBC Bitesize

Oak Acadamy

Active Learn

Timestable Rockstars


All of the above websites will be of use to help with revision! 


Helping at Home

  1. Do not put undue pressure on your child.
  2. Support with homework and targets discussed at Parents’ Evening. Near to SATS time, past papers will be sent home as part of homework. Any support given with these would be great! 
  3. Read regularly and discuss a variety of texts – not just ‘listening’ to your child read.
  4. Short bursts of mental maths, times tables and problem solving etc
  5. Please! DO NOT use the previous test papers as we use them in school as assessment and practice for the children and using the same papers at home makes it difficult for us to prepare the children adequately.



We recommend:-


Early nights

Lots of sleep

Good attendance

Good punctuality

A good breakfast



KS2 SATS Tests 2020