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25th March 2020 FACE COVID YouTube Clip

Hello all, 

I hope this update finds you safe and well.  


So, today’s 'staff' news from school …

This morning, Joe Wickes has again proved popular here at school; although things did get a bit scary when I tried to emulate Joe and run up the side wall in the hall … I was sure I has seen a shooting star out of the corner of my eye … although now I think back it could have been a ‘floater’. Maybe add "getting my eye sight checked” to my to-do list for when ‘norrmality’ returns.  Unfortunately I missed the ‘coolie off’ section at the end of Joe’s workout as I was still clinging to the wall bars for some minutes whilst my heart rate returned to normal and Miss Hazeldine & Miss Hill could get to me to help me down.  Probably give the shooting stars exercise a miss I think.


This afternoon's exercise routine in the office was slightly hindered by the masses of paperwork that the COVID outbreak has created ... very disappointing as Mrs Mc and I are hoping to be a size zero by June. 


On a more serious note:
I have been sent a great youtube clip called FACE COVID which I have been asked to circulate from CAMHS.  It is written by by Dr Russ Hariss and I have tried it.  It is supposed to help people focus on what we are all going through and help to ground us.  I've tried it and I recommend trying it and passing it onto your folks

FACE COVID .. a useful video clip to help us in these difficult times.


I have attached a 'suggested' timetable for you - just in case you are finding establishing a routine at home difficult. I am sure many of you will have, by now, have made some very creative timetables and look forward to seeing them and finding out more when we return to school.


If you are struggling at home, it may makes you feel slightly better to know that school staff are also finding things tricky as we are quickly trying to establish new procedures; all without your amazing children to give us our daily boost of energy and make us smile.


Stay at home as much as you can and stay well.

Mrs Fryman