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24th April 2020 - Easter Competition Results & stresses of home learning

Hello everyone, 

How are you today?


Along with many other people, I enjoyed watching the 'Big Night In' last night and was struck by the caption which said:-

66.65 Million people
Thousands of lives lost
One United Kingdom
Thank you NHS


What a wonderful job everyone is doing, working together to try to keep everyone safe and our NHS and critical workers are just simply amazing and deserve every single clap, drum beat, firework and honking of horn that happens across the country at 8pm on Thursday evenings.


I was very moved by the plight of the many families who sadly have been so affected by the events the COVID pandemic has caused they have found themselves unable to afford food.  So, to try to help, we have contacted the Food Bank in Warrington this morning to see if we what we can do.  They are requesting these items below in particular:-

tinned spaghetti
tinned carrots
soap & shower gel
washing up liquid
dispoable razors
washing powder
dried pasta
shaving foam


So, if you feel you are able to help by donating any of the items listed (or others) we will place a box at the school entrance every day, where you can put your donations.  We will make sure they reach the Food Bank and hopefully your donations will make a difference to the families suffering extreme hardship. 


On a lighter note: I am pleased to be able to announce the Easter Competition Results .. I was very impressed with all of the entries and thank you very much for sending them in as they made me smile.



Firstly, thank you to everyone who entered our Easter Competition and thank you, also to the judges who had a very difficult task!  


You will see below the prize winners for each activity ... for some activities the judges wanted to award more prizes so that is why some activities have more prize winners than others.  I have included some of their comments too.  Please don’t be upset if you haven’t won a prize … we have all loved seeing your entries and it really was tough for the judges!


Everyone named below will get a prize … please be patient though as some of the things we have ordered haven’t arrived yet and we will need to post them out to you.

And… here are the results … 
… drum roll please…


Poppy Y1 – Loved the simplicity and Guinea pig hutch
George YR – Well done George!
Annabel YR - Lovely collage with beautiful colours 
Sophia Y1 – Well done Sophia!
Jasmin Y4 - I thought that painting the bars on the window said a lot about how we all feel!
James Y5 – Accuracy and detail in pencil drawing 
Judah Y3 – Really caught spring 
Mrs Clarke - Fabulous!


Jessica W Y3 - A very thoughtful piece of writing
Annie (Noah & Eliza’s Nana) - Very thoughtful and plenty to think about 
Mrs Hopley – a special mention - Lots of valuable insights here!


Isabella Y2 - Nicely presented and I liked the contrasts, mentioning key workers and the Easter Bunny!
George Y1 – Gave me lots to think about 
Hannah Y6 - Captures many of the things we will remember about this time
Alison White - Good optimistic ending!
Special mentions to Samuel YR, Amelia Y2, Christian YR and Isabella Y2 for their great entries 



Lockdown Medley - Kane Family - Very cleverly done and great words, loved the humour and variety
Bear Frills – Some good comic moments
Misha - I think Misha would make a good Blue Peter presenter!
Amrit Y5 - Creative and well done
Ames Family Sketch based on Tangles - This video wins the lockdown. Should be on national TV!
Jacob Y6 – well put together, I liked the story 
Rev Alan – special commendation for tricky magic tricks!


Amalys & Aymeric (YR & Y1) - Very happy set of pictures with plenty of natural materials
Olivia Y4 – Well done Olivia!
Freddie Y3 - I liked the action shot of rain falling on the garden
James Y6 - Outstanding use of stopmotion photography – must have taken a lot of patience
Miss Hill - A beautiful Easter basket
Alex Y3 – I loved the miniature detail 
Darcy Y4 – I loved the humour 
Harlow Y4 – Simply Easter, a clever presentation 
A special mention to Mrs Clarke for her amazing talent!


It's hard to believe that we are now approaching our 6th week in 'lockdown'.  I am continually being impressed by people's ability to adapt to change and keep a positive outlook on whatever life throws up.  I would like to thank all parents and teachers who have all been working hard (in whatever capacity) to keep our children safe, well and busy during the past weeks.  It made me smile this morning when I discovered that a large group of Year 5 children had completed a draft of their 'Buddy' letter only 4 hours after the home learning was set by Mrs McClellan ... you're very keen!  Well done - I am sure your Buddies will be delighted when they get your letters.  


It does highlight the difference in how families are approaching home learning and it's worth mentioning that, whilst some parents are keen and are requesting more home learning, others prefer not to have as much as is currently being set and their children want to do less.  Whatever works for you and your family is fine.  We are obliged to set home learning and we are also obliged to monitor who is accessing it and to offer support to families that need it; we do though appreciate that you know best what your family needs.


It's interesting to note that in times of adversity some people cope by using humour - I thought I'd share these two clips today for you to make you smile - the first is a teacher and the second a parent.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone, try to think of all the positive things in your life and all that you have been blessed with, 


stay safe 

Mrs Fryman