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22nd April 2020 - E Safety Guidance and Resources for Children

Good Afternoon everybody,


Mrs Hazeldine here getting to talk to you all! I hope that you are all well and that you are continuing to enjoy this glorious sunshine!


Yet another exercise class has taken place this morning thanks to Mrs Craddock keeping us fit and healthy. This one was called Kids Hiit Workout. Mrs Fryman even went in before the exercise class to do an additional warm up session. And a wise move it was too given that this morning’s workout was a particularly vigorous session. A word of warning to you all if you do intend on checking it out- we had to slow the video down so that we could keep up! By Friday we are hoping to do the workout at full speed- watch this space!


We have kindly received some useful information about keeping your child safe online, including when taking part in online gaming activities. The website contains information about privacy online and it also provides useful tips and advice to ensure your child’s safety. I have updated the website and this information can be found in the Surviving Lockdown & Social Distancing – Advice from School section. Hopefully you will find this information useful in these current times. 


Due to the uncertain times that we have found ourselves in, it may have caused additional worry and anxiety to some children. If this is the case, another piece of brilliant advice that we have uploaded is, Nine Things Every Parent with an Anxious Child Should Try. You will again find this in the Advice from School section and it contains some brilliant ideas that you can try in order to reduce your child’s anxiety.


We hope that you find both of these resources useful for yourselves and your families.


Some parents are reporting that there are a few problems with Purple Mash. We apologise for these problems but we are unfortunately unable to re set these activities. If this does occur whilst taking part in one of the activities, please do not worry as another activity will be set for the following day. It is also fine to complete these activities in the exercise books if you prefer.


And finally, a big well done and thank you for all of the work that is being completed each day. Lots of families are clearly working incredibly hard and we are continually grateful for the help and support. Remember to be balancing out all of this hard work with some time outside enjoying this glorious weather- I know I will be doing!

I hope that you are all keeping safe and staying well!


Mrs Hazeldine