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21st April 2020 - Surviving Lockdown Section of School Website Created

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope this email finds you and your family well. 


News from the hall this morning - we waved 'Goodbye' to Joe Wicks and his Workout for a while and have joined the 'Jumping Jax' happy exercise group.  Despite the fact that there was a remarkable number of jumping jacks thrown in the workout, my knees have held up very well so far!  Nice one Mrs Craddock!   If you fancy a change to  your morning workout routine I'd recommend it ...


I have spent some time making changes and adding to the PARENTS section on our school website ... I have added some useful content to this section for us all - Surviving Lockdown & Social Distancing - Advice from School.  I do hope you will take a look and will find something to help you and your family in these uncertain and emotionally challenging times.  We will be adding to the pages over the coming days and weeks - in particular the Technology section.


On a lighter note, I have been collating the results of the Easter Competition for the judges (with the help of Matty and his friend as you can see attached).  There have been some very tough decisions for the judges to make, Rev Alan, Linda, Mrs Iles and Sandra have provided much positive feedback that I am busy collating and I will hopefully be able to post the results on the website on Friday.  


I'm afraid that Matty and his friend don't seem to understand the concept of 'social distancing' so I need to dash off and give them a little 'talking to' to explain what it means and how to do it ....


Until tomorrow ... 

Stay home and stay safe
Mrs Fryman