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20th April 2020 - Class Emails for Home Learning and Home Learning Difficulties

Hello everyone,

I hope you are managing to stay positive and are managing to juggle the many different demands placed on you at the moment - some of which I am sure are extremely stressful. 


I thought I would share with you some of the well-being advice I have emailed previously which focuses on:-

+ Exercise

+ Eating

+ Sleeping

+ Health and well being


I have used this as a 'checklist' myself and found that when I have exercised and eaten well I have tended to sleep better and then have felt much more able to cope mentally with the pressures COVID 19 has brought.   I find even taking part in Joe Wicks' Workout is a way of de-stressing (well when he's not 'sharrtttinggg aaarrrttttt'ing) so maybe the checklist will help you and your families too?


In order to following 'lockdown'/social distancing requirements, teachers are working from home; they are planning work, uploading a selection of your child's home learning (it's not possible to upload it all) and they will provide individual feedback (where possible) on Purple Mash activities.  As you will appreciate the teachers themselves are also following 'lockdown' restrictions; some of them have young families of their own and some of them are taking the extra precautions necessary to keep themselves and their families safe.  Other staff are working on a rota basis in school as we remain open for the children of key workers. 


In order to reduce the number of staff in the school office, we are providing parents with class email addresses for you to use if/when you wish to contact school with anything relating to your child's home learning.  Your email will be received by one of the office staff working remotely from home and they will arrange for the teachers to upload work and answer any queries you may have.  The class email addresses will be 'manned' from 09:00 am until 12:00 Monday to Friday.  So please, from tomorrow, use the class email addresses for anything relating to children's home learning and not the school office email address. 


We have been asked by some parents for individual (daily or weekly) feedback from teachers for their child's work and/or online video links/lessons with teachers.   We will not be operating in this way for the reasons given above, nor will teachers be replying directly to parents from the class email addresses.  I do appreciate that working at home with your child in order to meet the DfE expectations that children learn at home with parents is difficult for some - so if you are finding this a real challenge please do let us know and we can provide some individual support and suggestions. 


The class email addresses are below:-

Reception class :-       

Year 1:-                       

Year 2:-                       

Year 3:-                       

Year 4:-                       

Year 5:-                       

Year 6:-                       


Thank you very much for all you are doing with your children ... we understand that some of your children may need a new exercise book soon - so I will email with more news about books tomorrow.

Stay Safe


Mrs Fryman

PS: Easter Competition judging is underway ... I will announce prize winners as soon as I can